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PostPosted: Mon Dec 30, 2002 3:08 pm   

DarkMists Autoroller
Another auto roller for dark mists
made by Arvecthev

original post from the DM forum
For those tired of the same old autorollers here's my latest one. You've gotta be running a purchased copy of Zmud.

First things first. The variable setpoint will determine what you want to shoot for. If you set this variable to 92, it will choose rolls at or above 92.

#var setpoint 92

The alias initroll... You guessed it. It initializes the variables.

#ALIAS initroll {#var maxroll 0;#var high 0;#var max1 0;#var max2 0;#var max3 0;#var max4 0;#var max5 0}

The above will setup the alias in the command line, then simply using it at any time will reset the variables.

Finally the trigger. Quite long for something so simple, but here it is...

#TRIGGER {Strength: &str Intelligence: &int Wisdom: &wis Dexterity: &dex Constitution: &con} {#var total %EVAL( @str + @int + @wis + @dex + @con);#IF (@total <= @setpoint) {no} {#echo "yes";#beep};#If (@max1 < @str) {#var max1 {@str}};#If (@max5 < @con) {#var max5 {@con}};#If (@max4 < @dex) {#var max4 {@dex}};#If (@max3 < @wis) {#var max3 {@wis}};#If (@max2 < @int) {#var max2 {@int}};#var maxroll {%EVAL( @max1 + @max2 + @max3 + @max4 + @max5)};#If (@high < @total) {#var high {@total}};#echo @total : current roll;#echo @setpoint : setpoint;#echo @high : high roll;#echo @maxroll : max possible} "autoroll"

This autoroller will echo the current roll, your setpoint, the highest roll thus far, and the maximum possible roll. Let me know what you think. Again this is not for use with the free version.
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