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PostPosted: Wed Nov 14, 2001 10:56 pm   

Mapping on Avalon

Let's first say that I'm new to Mud and zMUD ..

I'm an experienced IRC ( Internet Relay Chat ) user :-) so MUD actually seems similar to this and zMUD seems similar to IRC Chat Clients ( mIRC, Pirch etc.. )

The problem I'm having at the moment is mapping and how to map correctly. I've read the help files provided with zMUD and also searched "mapping" and read the questions asked in the help forums.. but here is my problem..

It lies with configurations .. ( I am guessing )

When I use auto mapping it maps just fine but it doesn't label anything.. or it labels with the last line of the description..

here is an example of a prompt when I attempt to Map on Avalon

Amongst the Parrian docks.
The sky is dark, night covers Avalon. You feel yourself brought to an alert
attention by the saltiness of the air, this place like many others in Parrius
not being for idleness or restfulness, and the pungent odour of salty sweat
is by itself sufficient to remind you of that fact. Brawny tanned individuals
man the docks, hurriedly unloading newly-arrived ships of their cargo and
transporting them by whichever means possible to the swarm of wagons that is
to be found west of here on the Mariner's Highway. This place serves as a
junction as well however, and although you did not fail to notice the large
road that follows its way south of here along the embankment, a more
inconspicuous street begins just to the north. A small, ivy-covered milestone
at your feet reads "Parrius".
You notice exits north, east (an open door), south, and west.

The first line when you enter a position is the Location name which is in the color "Yellow" ( which is default for the MUD I'm on ) I'm not sure if that effects anything but I'm putting the information down just in case it does.

When I attempt to configure it myself .. it never seems to do anything so I'm pretty much lost.. If there is anymore information I can give to help someone assist me please by all means tell me what I can do :-)

If this mapping feature works on Avalon I'm more then happy to buy the version of zMUD .. otherwise I'm stuck using AVPlay ( the MUD client created for Avalon )


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