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PostPosted: Sun Nov 07, 2021 7:48 pm   

Bugs in CMUD Pro regarding SSH (termtype) and Xterm256 Colours
Hi list,

just got aware of the Pro version with SSH support and tried it (and bought it, regardless of the errors below):

1.) In prefs->SSH->Terminal, you can select the terminal type. This setting is mirrored in prefs->Session (seems sensible).
It defaults to xterm. If you change it (to cmud, say), disconnect and reconnect.. it is honoured and takes effect.

HOWEVER, regardless of how I try to save it to Mud session, when I close the session, or quit CmudPro alltogether and
open the session, it always resets to xterm.

This is bad, as CMud actually only implement a subset of xterm. For example, the VT100 line graphics character do
no work (though they work in a real xterm).

2.) xterm 256 colour modes, another Pro add-on, seem bugged to me. I did not try everything, but at first glance there
are some errors with the 6x6x6 colour palette in the 256 colour modes.. I did not see errors in the gray scale or high
intensity colours (atleast at first glance).

The most funny bug is:

If you set a blue background with the ordinary ANSI code (not xterm256 code!) and then set the foreground to black with
a 6x6x6 colour palette code (like 000 in RGB where each letter can be a digit from 0..5) the background magically changes
from blue to red!! The same applies to ANSI red background which turns blue when foreground black is set with xterm256
6x6x6 palette. It seems that it does not matter which actual 6x6x6 foreground is set.

Also, if you have set an xterm256 6x6x6 background colour, it resets a previously set xterm256 6x6x6 foreground colour.
basically the foreground falls back to the last foreground set with ANSI code. This does not occur when you set the
xterm256 background first and then the foreground.

I've seen similar foreground reset issues in other clients, (with xterm256 support or not), I do not know if some other
terminal behaves similar, xterm and putty do not, however. You can set fore and background in any order, with ANSI,
xterm 256 or even xterm true colour codes.

If you want to work on this, I'm willing to provide exact lists of escape sequences sent, how they display (and how I think
they should / or do in putty)

I've been able to circumvent this for our mud by just setting a fixed terminal. Also MXP / MSP autonegotiation does not
work. It's usually done with telnet options, so ssh has its issues.. I'm not sure if it would work within Cmud, I kind of assume
that the ssh code on our mud also just drops the telnet options on the fly, again, I've been able to cure this with fixed
settings in the player profile and cmud.

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