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PostPosted: Thu Mar 25, 2021 12:24 pm   

Yet more dearth in documentation. Can anyone clear up this (from the documentation):


Syntax: #BU id|number caption {commands}

 Triggers the named or numbered button. This is typically assigned to a macro key. The number parameter can be a variable reference, but must evaluate to a numeric value. Instead of referring to a button by it's numeric position on the button bar, you can also refer to buttons by their ID name.

This command can also be used to define a button. This syntax is used by the ascii export and import scripting routines. If the number is zero, it refers to a button just past the last button, which is useful for appending a new button to the list. The syntax is:

#BUTTON id|number Off-caption On-command On-caption Off-command Value-expression Variable-name Bitmap-filename AutoSize Width Height AutoPos Top Left Off-color On-color Button-Kind Bitmap-margin Classname Options ToolTip ID PanelNum

I have buttons already created and named. If I want to #UNBUTTON (if there is no value in the button variable to act on) it will delete my button. How do I then recreate the same button if there is data?

Eg., I have a basic push button on panel 2 with a caption and a value when clicked. The documentation is awful in this regard as everything is "as is". So how to just use some of the options?

  <button name="spAreaButton" autosize="false" width="130" height="25" color="white" priority="1740" id="174">
    <caption>AREA (%dbkey(@bestSpArea,1))</caption>

For a push button it seems to only have one that the on-caption or off-caption? The XML only shows <caption> but <caption> doesn't appear to be documented. In fact, NONE OF THIS STUFF APPEARS TO BE TRULY DOCUMENTED. The simplest thing regarding buttons is %btnenable and this affects the display of any buttons adjacent to a disabled button. The XML doesn't indicate that the button is for panel 2 but that information must exist somewhere. Thus, there appears to be a huge discrepancy in where button data is defined and stored. This probably also true for other functions/operations of this software.

If anyone who gives a crap about helping (the usual folk of course) can answer, I'd appreciate it.
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 26, 2021 2:20 am   
The crux of the issue boils down to...buttons were never truly intended to be made via script.
The GUI exists for a reason.
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PostPosted: Sat Mar 27, 2021 8:37 pm   
I came up with an alternative. Name the buttons then enable/disable with #T-.
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