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PostPosted: Tue Mar 09, 2021 5:19 pm   

Help with "delayed" trigger
Hi there,

I'm trying to write a trigger for Mortal Realms ( 4321).
It makes use of VT102 as it's default interface.

What I'm trying to capture is when the "bell/asterisk" has disappeared after a movement

URL: h t t p :// imgur . com / a / zyZ2w9D is to an image (of a newly created toon) that shows the asterisk (in a red box)

(sorry about the spaces in the above url, forums don't allow for links for 1st time posters)

After moving (give or take 1-1.5 seconds), the mud sends the following:

<ESC>[0K<ESC>7<ESC>[1;33;44m<ESC>[49;73H <ESC>8<ESC>[0;36;40m<ESC>[0K

which removes the asterisk from the vt102 interface.

Note: the above quote is specific to the "Ansi color" option selected for a new character.
If one defaults to monochrome, it is the following:

<ESC>[0K<ESC>7<ESC>[7m<ESC>[23;73H <ESC>8<ESC>[0K

My question is as follows:
How would I create a trigger to respond to the "delayed" response from the server?
1st Trigger:
Type: Pattern Type
Pattern: ^(?-) (to cover the room exits)
Value: #SHOW 1st Trigger

2nd Trigger:
Type: LoopLines
# of lines: 5
Ansi: true
Pattern: xxxx
value: #SHOW 2nd Trigger

I've tried the following patterns:
a.) ^(%e~[%d%a%e7%e~[*%e~[*%e8%e~[%d%a)
b.) *(%e8%e~[%d%a)$

I just can't seem to get the 2nd trigger to execute.

Tried changing the 2nd trigger to:
a.) Wait (500ms)
b.) LoopPatten (# being set to 0 as I understood that to be the next x responses from the server)

Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 26, 2021 6:47 am   
You can create a trigger to operate on telnet data received. Sorry, I cannot tell you more as I have not had the need to create one but I use gmcp triggers and I imagine the general procedure is similar.

Select TELNET from the trigger editor (default is 'pattern') and the 'pattern is going to (most likely) be the series of codes you posted.
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