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PostPosted: Fri May 10, 2019 1:16 pm   

Help Mapping Config
I'm trying to configure my zmud/cmud mapper, the auto config works but not 100%.

Can anyone advise how i can improve the detection?

1) sometimes when i slow walk, the rooms don't register and I have to manual set "as current location"
2) is the space before my Room Name screwing the auto config?
3) is the full stop for some room names screwing the auto config?
4) the auto config is capturing mobs in the room as description? is that right?

Example 1:

Golden Buddha of Enlightenment <---- Green Color
[Exits: east south] <---- Magenta Color
Before you stands a giant golden statue of a buddha. This is the Buddha <---- Cyan Color
of Wisdom. The chanting here seems to be the loudest. The constant
sounding of a gold and the tapping of a hollow wooden ball drowned
out any other sound that you might hear. The monks chanting is rythmic
and a deep monotone buzz.
Any individual voice almost undistinguishable
from the others.Many red candles surround the statue's base and all around
the floor. Many offerings of oranges and rice cakes sit in front of the statue.

An attendant is here tending to the shrines. <---- Blue Color
An elder monk is here murmering and praying.

Example 2:

Promenade. <---- Green Color
[Exits: north east south west] <---- Megenta Color
The river extends west just north of here. The promenade continues <---- Cyan Color
both east and west. A rickety bridge crosses the river to the north, towards
the city dump (fortunately, the wind is blowing towards the dump today).
South of here you see the entrance to the park, and a small building seems
to be just west of the entrance. Austral Square, home Kate's Diner, lies
to your east. A moose grazes nearby.

A white-painted wooden bench is standing here. <---- Grey
A city guard is here. <---- BlueColor
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PostPosted: Fri May 10, 2019 2:54 pm   
Well, the reason the room items and people are getting included in the description is simple because there is no exoected break in the flow of text.

The mapper expects to see:


Your mud has the exits up top, and nothing between the description and the contents that i can tell, so it assumes the contents are part of the description.
Now, if your mud had MXP, it would explicitely tell the client what is the room description via tags.

The only way around it that I can tell is:
A. open the map configuration and tell it room descriptions change, then it wont care about people or items that arent always in the room to confirm where you are.
B. tediously compile a variable array of the items to be ignored by the mapper: #TR {{@mobsAndItems}} {#NOMAP}
C. Speak with mud admin about implementing MXP, or some other server side method of explicitely informing the end client of what is what.
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PostPosted: Thu May 23, 2019 8:03 am   
thank you so much
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