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PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2018 6:40 am   

Mapping Issues - Separate Zones

This my first time using the mapper on CMud to map zones and I am running into a slight issue I have been unable to resolve. The mapper is running fine and I am able to map a zone but the mapper seems to be trying to automatically link my zones.

For example - lets call the first zone dungeon 1.

I will run the autoconfig and begin mapping dungeon 1. Once finished I teleport my character to a completely separate zone that is not linked to dungeon 1 in the mud. I then Click the "Zone" Button on the top toolbar of the mapper and click new zone and the enter the name of the new zone which for simplicity sake we will call dungeon 2.

This opens a fresh, clear map which I would ilke to use to map dungeon 2. I then run the autoconfig again and move my character in whichever direction to begin mapping. The mapper allows me to map dungeon 2 no problem but right underneath the 1st room on the new map it enters the text "To Dungeon 1" as though they were connected.

How can I remedy this and create completely separate maps for 2 completely separate zones?
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 23, 2018 1:15 pm   
You would need to delete the line, or link, between the two rooms.
If you right click on the room in question and select room properties a smaller window will pop open.
On the right side are some tabs, the second one has the various exits.
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PostPosted: Tue Jul 24, 2018 1:11 pm   
You can manually delete the link, as shalimar suggested, but it may be useful to find out exactly how it happened, as it can cause issues with both your old and new zone map. When you teleported, did the mapper track your movement to a new room, or did you create a new room and mark it as your current location manually? The link to the previous area likely is from one of two causes:

1) When you teleported, the mapper algorithm treated that teleportation as a normal move linking the two rooms together.
2)* When you teleported, the mapper algorithm didn't treat it as a move at all, and still tracked you in the room you teleported from. So your first move in the new area was treated as if you had never teleported from the mapper perspective, and the room you moved to (second room in the new area) is now connected to the old area - the room you teleported to is not mapped at all.

* I expect this to be the most likely case.

In either case, you will likely want to examine the room that you teleported from, as the erroneous link to the second zone will either be an extra exit where none existed previously, OR it may have overwritten an exit that previously existed to a different room in the original zone.

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