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PostPosted: Tue Jan 30, 2018 9:48 am   

#if check on a string var
Hey guys,

What I'm wanting to do is create a system which records the status of my "wielding" status... (nothing/nothing, nothing/shield, nothing/offhand, mainhand/nothing,,mainhand/shield,mainhand/offhand)

The strings that I think are relevant are:
You wield (*).
You dual wield (*).
You wear (*) as a shield.
You stop using *.

I had then thought to do a trigger for each with something like:
#ADDI mainhand_list (%1)
#ADDI offhand_list (%1)

The problems I am having.. is checking IF it is on the list.. #if (@offhand_list = {%1}) {}{} doesnt seem to be working for me.

What I then want to be able to do is if I get disarmed, I want it to detect if it was the weapon from my mainhand or my offhand and re-wield it... but if they disarm my shield I want it to 'wear' not wield the shield.

Also, when the it adds a weapon to the mainhand_list or offhand_list etc I want to be able to set that weapons specific "call signs" for example... "a silver longsword with a white hilt" I may want referred to as "silver longsword".

Sorry this is such a mess..If someone could give me a couple of pointers to start me off then I'll ask some more specific questions once I have a little play around!
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 30, 2018 6:07 pm   
Some of the text from the game itself would be useful here.
Do you tend to change weapons a lot in this game?
I rather assume so by the fact you want to keep track of a list of them, and not just the current one(s).

And if you want to test to see if a given item is in a list use:

%ismember(%1, @someList)

The best way to do 'call signs' as such, would be a DB reference variable.

#ADDKEY callSign {a silver longsword with a white hilt} {silver longsword}

Then you can reference the short form via the long form with:

%db(@callSign, %1)

#TR {You can't wield (*).} {wear %db(@callSign, %1)}

#TR {You wield (*).} {rightHand=%1}
#TR {You dual wield (*).} {leftHand=%1}
#TR {You wear (*) as a shield.} {leftHand=%1}

Put it all together for something like:

#TR {Your (*) is disarmed!} {
  #SWITCH (%1) (@rightHand) {rightHand=""} (@lefthand) {leftHand=""}
  #LOCAL $this
  #IF (%ismember(%1, %dbkeys(@callSign))) {$this=%db(@callSign, %1)} {$this=%1;#SAY {$this ... may need its own callSign!}}
  get $this
  wield $this
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