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PostPosted: Fri Jun 16, 2017 3:33 am   

Ive been messing around in my MUD trying to get when people speak and tells into another window and with previous help I've gotten it to work, somewhat. Still a few issues with tells but I found out that my MUD has GMCP, how would I go about utilizing that for players speech and tells? I attempted to use:

#win Speech %gmcp. comm. channel. message

Both with and without the spacing, without nothing fired and with the spacing I was able to get something back but it instead captured all kinds of info from my name to levels, vitals and even some stuff in my inventory to the window.

This is whats posted in my Mud.

Comm Broadcasts

This will send all communications by and to the player. The following
information is passed for each message:

line - The line is the name of the communication channel or verb.
name - The name or description of the sender of the message as perceived
by the player. It will give "You" for communication emitting from
the player.

body - The message that is communicated (no newline).
message - The complete message as displayed in the game (no newline).

Example: { "line" : "say",
"name" : "You",
"body" : "How are you?",
"message" : "You say: How are you?" }
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 19, 2017 8:22 am   
This is how i would process the channel data:

<trigger name="gmcpchtrig" type="GMCP" param="201" priority="4" trigontrig="false" id="4">
#IF ( = "message")) { ***PROCESS CHANNEL DATA HERE*** }

You can use some variation of this. You won't know if data has really arrived unless you work off a trigger.
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