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PostPosted: Sun Jan 08, 2017 5:57 pm   

CMUD client brief (but annoying) stall when writing to hard drive
Getting lag from CMUD client when it writes file to hard drive. Can I keep CMUD from writing files to hard drive unless I tell it to do so?

CMUD lags when it is saving file to hard drive. Most noticeably so is when I'm typing into the command line. The letters don't show up in the command line until after the hard drive write is over. Additionally, when it does happen, the actual output from the mud momentarily does not populate the session window until after the write is completed. Nothing is lost. All keystrokes and session information does populate correctly after the brief wait period. The actual write is to the xxxxxxxx.pkg file. In troubleshooting the problem, I had used Win7's Resource Monitor to watch CPU, Memory, Disk, and Network performance. Ultimately I found the anomoly to coincide with a relatively long 1,545ms Response Time when CMUD is processing a file named xxxxxxxx.pkg-journal. I confirmed this by having the package folder open in another window and actually watching as the xxxxxxxx.pkg-journal file appeared briefly in the directory list. The "journal" file only shows up for a second and then disappears whereby the package file then has a new date modified date/time.

At the moment, I have the package folder on a secondary 1TB rotating storage drive, wherein the operating system and programs reside on the SSD primary drive. I will try to move the package folder to the SSD drive soon, but I still am interested as to if I can eliminate CMUD from writing files to hard drive unless I'm changing a setting and have chosen to SAVE or specifically request a package modification in some other manner. I already have "Automatic Backups" unchecked in the User Interface -> Backup tab.

I've also noticed that this drive write seems to have absolutely no pattern to its frequency nor any catalyst to each occurence. It can happen within sixty seconds of the last write or the most I've ever seen is twenty minutes. It still occurs when I'm afk and the session is receiving just small amounts of spam from the mud and it of course happens when I'm blasting away at the command line.

Hopefully with something so specific as catching the xxxxxxxx.pkg-journal existence will lend well to a quick solution.
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PostPosted: Sun Jan 08, 2017 8:27 pm   
That is part of the SQLiite database backend and CMud has no control over it. The best you can do is move your package to faster drive, split your package into smaller packages that can record faster, and make use of default/non-saving variables to avoid writes.
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