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PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2013 4:39 pm   

To Mr Zuggsoft: How ya been? Any plans for updates?
Hey bud, I remember reading that you were going through some tough times a while back, and that you were feeling a bit frustrated with donating your time towards a project (cmud) that was not exactly proving to be profitable, but as a loyal customer of your yours, I felt compelled to drop a line and ask how you're doing, and if there was any inkling of an update to any features of cmud in the coming year.

Thanks for letting us how you're doing! Very Happy
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 05, 2013 10:19 pm   
CMud (and basically all products, which were never as successful as ZMud and CMud) has been abandoned. As a consequence of those tough times already mentioned, Zugg took a job in the DC area that effectively takes away all his tough-times troubles (he's since gotten at least one promotion). One of the side affects of that is that he no longer has any free time to dedicate to development, so any free time he does have he's reserving exclusively for personal leisure and family time. He and Chiara I guess are still doing basic support, but CMud is now developmentally equivalent to ZMud.
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