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PostPosted: Thu Aug 23, 2001 2:36 am   

vrsoft's automapper and fleeing script
I don't think vrsoft will mind if I post his script here since he posted it in the General Discussion forum. I know there are questions on how to get the automapper to know where you've fled and vrsoft came up with a solution that works on the Dark Mists Mud. I'm sure you can tweak it to fit your mud. I edited the original text so that all you'd have to do is cut-n-paste each part into the command line, so here it is:

#CLASS {System|AutomapperAll|Flee}
#VARIABLE current_exits {}
#VARIABLE curline {}
#VARIABLE roomdesc {}
#VARIABLE roomname {}
#VARIABLE roomdesc_map {}
#VARIABLE found {}
#VARIABLE found_dir {}
#VARIABLE exits_map {}

#TRIGGER {~[Exits: (*)~]$} {#IF ("%1" == "none") {current_exits = %1} {current_exits=%replace(%1, " ", "|");#FORALL @current_exits {current_exits = %sort(%replace(@current_exits, %i, %left(%i, 1)))}}} "" {case}

#TRIGGER {You flee from combat!$} {roomdesc = %concat( @roomdesc, "|"%char( 10));found = 0;#FORALL %roomexit() {roomdesc_map = %replace(%roomdesc(%roomlink( ,%i)), %char(13), "|");exits_map = %sort(%roomexit(%roomlink( ,%i)));#IF ((@roomname==%roomname(%roomlink( ,%i))) and (@roomdesc==@roomdesc_map) and (@current_exits==@exits_map)) {found_dir = %i;#MATH found (@found+1)}};#IF (@found == 0) {#SAY %ansi( 13)--> ~[ABORT~] No room matches found.;#ABORT 1};#IF (@found > 1) {#SAY %ansi( 13)--> ~[ABORT~] @found room matches found.;#ABORT 1};#TELEPORT %roomlink( ,@found_dir)} "" {case}

#TRIGGER {You choose a direction at random and begin to run...$(%*)$(%*)$} {roomname = "%1";curline = "%2";roomdesc = %concat( @curline|%char( 10))}

#TRIGGER {{@curline}$(%*)$} {curline = "%1";roomdesc = %concat( @roomdesc, "%1|"%char( 10))}

Here's the original thread:

Great Script vrsoft!

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 10, 2003 6:38 pm   
Yeah this works pretty good at capturing the room exits. Unless the room exits are non-standard. FOr instance...

[ (closed north) south up ]

The var for current_exits get set as c|s|u

How would one avoid this?
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