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PostPosted: Thu Jan 06, 2011 1:16 am   

#read and %1 expansion
Taken from the help file:

READ examples

#REA mud.txt
Read the file mud.txt line by line and execute each line as if you had typed it manually.

#FILE 1 mudlist.txt
#READ 1 10
read the 10th line from the file mudlist.txt

If the 10th line in the file is "kill %1" then
#READ 1 10 "zugg"
will execute the "kill zugg" command.

Did it the exactly same way and my CMUD returns kill 1, instead of kill zugg
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PostPosted: Tue Jan 25, 2011 3:12 pm   
Confirmed bug. I tested with 3.33a.

There seems to be something wrong with how the parsing routine handles special characters.

%1 - references don't process properly and abort prematurely. Consider this line 5:

kill %1 %2 %3

Called by
#file 1 example.txt
#read 1
temp = "Zugg"
#read 1 5 "Zugg" "cat" "cow"
#close 1

$temp - local variable references prevent the line from being read at all.
kill $temp

Called by
$temp = "Zugg"
#read 1 5
#close 1

@temp - normal variable references seem to work.
kill @temp

Called by
temp = "Zugg"
#read 1 5
#close 1
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PostPosted: Wed Jan 26, 2011 6:11 pm   
Yep, confirmed. I don't think this has ever worked in any version of CMUD. This was a feature that zMUD had, but since CMUD went to compiled scripts, the #READ command isn't able to handle the %nn expansion.

There isn't any way that Local variables will ever work with this though. But I'll add support for the %n arguments to the wish-list for a future version. Till then I might just change the help file.
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