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PostPosted: Mon Oct 18, 2010 5:39 pm   

Please use the regular CMUD forum for bug reports and discussions
Now that the 3.31 PUBLIC version has been released, we should start having our discussions over in the main CMUD Discussion Forum. We will come back to this Beta Forum in the future when I start working on the 4.x release series.

Please help the regular users over in the general CMUD forum as much as you can. All of you beta testers have become used to some of the changes in v3.x, but now that more 2.37 users will start using 3.x, I'm sure they will have some of the same issues and questions that you have already answered and solved. Help me make this major upgrade process as soon as possible.

We've only done this once before with the 1.x -> 2.x major upgrade, but there are a *lot* more people using CMUD 2.x now than there were using 1.x back then. Since this is the first major upgrade that requires the paid upgrade for some users, I'm sure it will also cause more issues for some people.

It's been a long time since v2.37 was released and it's easy to forget all of the big and small changes since then. I'm sure there will be lots of new bug reports with more players starting to use v3, and I plan to continue making bug fix updates as needed. Thanks for all of your help in testing v3.x over the past couple of years to try and get it as stable as possible.
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