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PostPosted: Mon Sep 27, 2010 6:29 pm   

Cmud Pro 3.29b Non-standard exit

I have a new room where I want to make a non-standard exit to a exiting room in a another zone(only with new rooms)

I right click the room and click on Properties.

Click on Room Exits - btw there is a type there it saids RoomExits|

Right click and do a new link.

click on down, enter fall in the Name field then save

click # to change destination I type the vnum for the new room 15385

click on other for the destination room and make it a one-way

all done and its working but the label is telling me its for another zone it should be Stonekeep but saids New Thalos

So I go and check the rooms in New Thalos and yes there is a room(old room but with new Vnum) and it has 15385 in the ObjId.

The Non-standard exit I made do work and takes me to Stonekeep.

And I have to do this manual like this, because I use to do >fall>d and it will make the link, but not anymore if the destination room is already made, then it just jump to the destination room without making the link.

When all my rooms are updated with the new Vnum, what good is the old number(ObjId), is it for any use cus not all my room got that number, only old rooms got them.

[Edit] Just found out that making new rooms allso get a number in the OgjId field, but why have to numbers ?.
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PostPosted: Mon Sep 27, 2010 6:51 pm   
You need to use the roomkey number (actual database number) when changing the destination. It took your vNum as if it was a roomkey and pointed to the room with that roomkey.
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