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PostPosted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 12:46 am   

About 3.29 version
Several fairly major fixes in this version that I'll need some help testing:

1) Allowing @db.key within a {} trigger pattern required a pretty major change in the parser that handles the {} trigger list pattern. The new code passes all of my automated testing, but let me know if any trigger suddenly stops working in this version.

2) Fixing a problem in the View/Directions editor caused me to discover some major issues with the "quick editor" window that is used for View/Directions, View/Locations, and View/Tab Completion. I think I got all of the issues fixed, but I'd appreciate some help testing these screens to see if I missed anything.

3) Finally, regarding the mapper: I fixed some more issues with speedwalking and GMCP. At this point, I have learned that the #1 cause of problems in my own testing is having some rooms that got the wrong vNums set during one of the past few versions. In other words, the "Real vNum" flag is set, but the vNum value is wrong compared to what the MUD sends. This situation should normally be impossible, but if it happens, it completely screws up the mapper.

So if you have problems with any speedwalk paths, try checking each room along the path to be sure the correct vNum is loaded for the room. Creating a GMCP trigger that displays the value is very helpful in tracking down these issues.

I don't think 3.29 will create these "bad rooms" anymore, but it's clear that one of the past few beta versions had a real problem causing the wrong vNums to be saved. If you reproduce any way to cause the mapper to save bad vNum values, please let me know (in a separate post).

Oh yeah, remember to create a separate post for bug reports. I'm getting about to the end of my own patience with this mapper stuff, so please try to provide as much information possible (speedwalk mode, etc) when reporting problems in the mapper. Given my current level of stress, if you don't provide the information needed, I'm likely to just ignore your post.
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PostPosted: Thu Sep 23, 2010 1:02 am   
Thanks Zugg, hopefully this is the version! Very Happy
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