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PostPosted: Tue Sep 14, 2010 11:21 pm   

Feature request, please implement... #GMCPCLEAR package
With Aardwolf's way of sending gmcp information and CMUD's way of storing gmcp variables, it can wreak havoc on scripting.

Aardwolf only sends information as it changes. This makes sense, as why would you need to send the entire data line when only one field has changed? However, this can cause problems with other gmcp variables, such as comm.event that Aardwolf uses.

Here's an example of why it might mess up:

There's a comm.event.type field that is mostly used for ticks. This event fires roughly every 30 seconds. Requesting a quest fires a comm.event line, as well. What happens is if I request a quest between ticks, since the 'type' field is still populated, it'll fire off the script that updates a variable too soon, thus making the calculations off.

So my feature request is this: a simple way to clear the different gmcp packages, even if it's just #GMCPCLEAR package. The reason I suggest this is because I think it's easier to have this implemented on CMUD's side instead of having Lasher rework the way he does gmcp to suit just CMUD's requirements. He's already done that with the mapper info.

If anyone has a suggestion how to remedy this otherwise, I can go that route. It just gets frustrating when I want to use this so badly, but there are a couple of things barricading its full functionality.

Thank you.

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 15, 2010 2:42 am   
You should notify Lasher about any GMCP messages that do not properly clear old data. Lasher was one of the ones who wanted the clients to cache data, so it should be fixed on the MUD end.

In any case, the %gmcp variable in CMUD is just a normal table, so you can always do:
%gmcp.comm.event.type = ""

to clear out part of the data tree.
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