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[3.26] Mapper: English directions package & child windows
I don't recall this being an issue in the past. Is it a bug or am i just going crazy? Just now I right clicked on the destination room i wanted to go to then clicked speed walk to room. in the middle of the walk i clicked up on one of my chat capture windows and the remainder of the path that hadn't been sent to the mud was displayed as follows to the main session window.
If i click the room again and click speed walk to room again the path will continue. So no problems with the English directions package. I play around with things for a minute or two and enable the English directions package in one of the child windows then rinse/repeat. Middle way through the path i click on the child window and nothing strange happens, the path finishes as expected. So the the fix is simple just need to enable the package in each child window but i don't recall ever having to do this before.

If the mapper knows to send the commands to the main session window why should it matter if i have the English directions package enabled for the child window?
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