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PostPosted: Wed Oct 15, 2008 10:32 pm   

New SlightlyMorbid web service
Zugg Software has released a new web service called as a way to notify your online friends if something bad happens to you.
Slightly Morbid?

In Western society today, it is considered slightly morbid to think about death, tragedy, disaster, and other major things that can go wrong.

That doesn't stop these things from happening.

In 2008 a very dear friend that I only know online disappeared. No posts on the forum I knew him from. No posts to other places I knew to look for him. No sign of him online anywhere. We feared the worst. This caused a flurry of discussion among several of us who missed him:

"If something happened to me, who would tell my online friends?"

"Who would even know who my online friends are? How would they find them?"

I'm delighted to say our friend returned after a few months safe and sound, but the questions that came up are still very valid.

In the history of the world, this is a fairly new problem. It's only been in the last few years that it has become common to have good friends you've never actually met face to face. Online games and forums give us access to people who share our interests, ideals, and sense of humor who might live across the United States or even in another country. These relationships can be as real as any you have with your next door neighbor or your office mate. Maybe more real because you have more in common than just geographic location or employer.

For more information, check out and get a FREE trial account.
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