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PostPosted: Tue Oct 14, 2008 9:37 pm   

Delay option for Trusted contacts and categories is implemented
I've added a new field to Trusted Contacts and to Custom Categories that allows you to specify the number of hours to delay sending a message. The system picks whichever value is largest for a given email message. The pre-defined Death category is set to 24 hours (no way to override this).

For example, if you have a Trusted Contact that you don't trust as much as you should, you can add a delay to the messages that they send. You will be sent a copy of their message immediately, and the message will show as "pending" in your account. You can go into your Email History and cancel any pending message to prevent it from being sent (the message then becomes "cancelled" in your history). You can do the same for a custom category that you might want to delay (like the Death category is already done).

I did *not* create a full "grid" of Trusted/Category options. I'm trying to keep the system simple to use. I think the setting for each Trusted Contact and each Category individually should meet the majority of needs.
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