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PostPosted: Wed Sep 03, 2008 3:35 pm   

Citrus 2.3b open beta released! (Formerly MZC) (Gemstone IV)
I've released a new codebase for my ZMud client, now renamed to Citrus. This release addresses a lot of bugfixes and requested enhancements. This setup requires no central server (like PsiNet) as data is stored locally on your machine. The complete (off the top of my head) feature list is as follows:

# Health, Stamina, Mana, and Spirit gauges which change color when low and have optional fractional or percentage displays, clickable to issue commands.
# Hands contents and prepared spell indicators.
# Position, Status, and Condition indicators.
# Clickable compass and exit indicator.
# Roundtime and Cast Roundtime counters.
# Scalar Stance indicator, clickable to toggle offensive/defensive stance.
# Experience indicator with saturated state capability, displays exp until level, and when clicked shows approximated time until level.
# Displays experience and fame gained each time either rise.
# Wound and Scar indicators which are clickable for autohealing (currently only mundane herb types).
# Timestamped and abbreviated Thoughts and Deaths capture windows.
# Inventory item grouping, with an option for one-line list, or one-item-per-line list.
# Simple inventory control and loot management system - set up an herb container, loot container, weapons container, with get/put/scripts for all.
# Exhaustive color-coded highlights for gems, shells, magical trinkets and gold rings, healing herbs, healing ales, alchemy components, and wands.
# Intuitive Friends/Enemies/Merchants highlighting system, with a right-click context menu to add new ones.
# Wizard color emulation for speech (green) and whispers (cyan).

Some of the above items are still in progress (like speech highlighting) and documentation on how to use all the features is still forthcoming, but..!

I'd like to present the new Citrus website:

Please bear in mind this product is still in beta. Bugs may be reported to me in this thread or via AIM. I will provide LIMITED installation assistance for first-time users. I will also be releasing a beta map (thanks to shalimar) shortly.

Screenshot (with upcoming map):

Upcoming features:
Spell Durations
Item Grouping Plus (divides containerized items by type)
Automatic Update Notifications
AutoBuff (tm)
Porting to CMUD
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