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PostPosted: Sat Apr 05, 2008 3:32 am   

[2.21] Mapper issues with non-standard exits
I'm having a lot more issues with non-standard exits in Cmud.

1) In Zmud if the mapper was on and I went "out" or "in" Zmud would link that direction to the new room under "Other" with the command being either "in" or "out". In Cmud if I go "in" or "out" it doesn't create a room even though "in" and "out" are custom defined directions in my package.

2) In Zmud I could use "#call %roomlink( %roomnum, "in", -1)" to delete the custom exit "in". This no longer works with Cmud. The makes it so I can only create non-standard links with %roomportal, but I am unable to delete them.

3) Since Cmud isn't creating the links for me I attempted to create the links myself with %roomportal. This only partially was successful because it doesn't link to the appropriate return direction in the target room, but instead creates a blank entry in the exits of the target room.

For example, running this:

#call %roomportal(1, "out", 2)
#call %roomportal(2, "in", 1)

What I'm intending to do is to have the "other" exit in room 1 be set to "out" and link to the "other" exit in room 2 which is set to "in". What happens in practice is that the outbound links are set properly, but the return links in the destination are not set properly.

After running this the links are in this state:

To Command
2 out

To Command
1 in

You can see that the roomportal command created the outbound link, but on the target it creates a blank exit with no command as the return instead of using the already present return as the return link. So now there are two half formed links to each other with the returns all screwed up.

Attempts to correct this by deleting the extra one is not possible because %roomlink isn't working on these non-standard exits in Cmud.

Is this a know issue? Is there a work-around for this besides doing this all manually?

4) If I create a room with exits that are both standard and non-standard, the standard exits all create unlinked stubs showing they exit, but that they don't lead anywhere. This doesn't occur with non-standard exits such as "in" and "out" so I currently add in unlinked "out" and "in" exits in my onRoomEnter Event:

#if (%ismember( i, @RoomExits) and !%ismember( "in", %roomexit)) {#call %roomportal( %roomnum , "in", -2)}
#if (%ismember( o, @RoomExits) and !%ismember( "out", %roomexit)) {#call %roomportal( %roomnum , "out", -2)}

In the rewrite is it possible to change the mapper so that this is no longer needed? Could we perhaps define non-standard exits and graphical placement of those non-standard exits and then have them be henceforth just as standard as {n|s|e|w|etc}? I'm envisioning something that would allow us to start with the standard ones you give us and then to be able to change the standard exits to suit our Mud, adding or deleting from the standard ones as needed. We could then customize where we want the graphical links created with each of our customized standard exits. I can't tell you how frustrated I get with always having "in" and "out" be the odd balls out causing me no end of headache in trying to get them handled correctly. I know they can probably be kludged to work properly, but this would be a much better way to handle it and it would obviate all the issues that new users have in their non-standard exits always malfunctioning on them.
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