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PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2007 3:33 am   

[2.11] Slow Walking leads to various kinds of Crashes
Crash dumps sent, I was having these problems in 2.10 and so i gave up using it, but I finally decided to try on a fresh session and post my results.
1.Create new session
2.Connect to mud of your choice
3.Open Map window
4.Run automatic Setup.
5.Walk through a few rooms in map mode to make some more locations on the map to test with.
6.Switch to follow mode
7.Double click or walk to any room you've mapped.
8.Change to slow walk mode.
9. Do any of the following to cause a crash
9a.walk on your own to any adjcent room
9b.double click on a room multiple rooms away and speedwalk to it
9c.Issue a #walk With any room number that's valid on your new map.
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2007 4:46 am   
I'll take a look at your crash dumps, but it's working fine for me with my maps here. Are you using any sort of Room Scripts or do you have any other scripts running that might be interfering with it? Does it still crash if you turn on triggers?
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Joined: 11 Sep 2005
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2007 5:47 am   
No room scripts or anything that isnt fresh in that session. I didnt even change the window colors from default ;) I didnt turn off triggers or even their being echoed to the window in that session.
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Joined: 11 Sep 2005
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 10, 2007 5:54 am   
I feel like such a moron, forcing an uninstall/reinstall seems to have fixed it. Not sure where the problem came from, but hopefully it didnt cause problems with my old map file (Not the one I was using to do the inital tests above, but the one I use all the time)
Still having problems on some of my other settings files, Disabling triggers stops the crash, but obviously, without triggers, there's no automatic movement confirmation.

Copy of the settings on my primary session.

<window name="AgapeMudIceclaw" usesession="false">
  <packages>English Keypad|English Directions|AgapeMudIceclaw</packages>
  <trigger priority="20" id="2">
    <pattern>^You disappear into the void.$</pattern>
  <trigger priority="60" id="6">
    <pattern><![CDATA[^~<(%d)/(%d)hp (%d)~/(%d)m (%d)/(%d)mv~> ~<EXITS:(*)~> ~<Room:(*)~> ~<QST:(%d) TNL:(%d)~>]]></pattern>
    <value>#variable hpcur %1
#variable hpmax %2
#variable manacur %3
#variable manamax %4
#variable movecur %5
#variable movemax %6
#variable exits %7
#variable Roomnamecur %8
#variable QuestTimer %9
#variable TNL %10
#var fighting 0
  <stat name="Prompt" priority="70" id="7">
    <value><@hpcur/%eval(@hpmax)hp @manacur/%eval(@manamax)mana @movecur/%eval(@movemax)move %if(@fighting=1,"[Enemy:"@ename          " " @ehealth "%]","") Room:@roomnamecur Exits:@Exits Qst:@questtimer Tnl:@TNL>
  <var name="hpcur" usedef="true" id="8"/>
  <var name="hpmax" usedef="true" id="9"/>
  <var name="manacur" usedef="true" id="10"/>
  <var name="manamax" usedef="true" id="11"/>
  <var name="movecur" usedef="true" id="12"/>
  <var name="movemax" usedef="true" id="13"/>
  <var name="exits" usedef="true" id="14"/>
  <var name="Roomnamecur" usedef="true" id="15"/>
  <var name="QuestTimer" usedef="true" id="16">
  <var name="TNL" usedef="true" id="17"/>
  <alias name="//" id="18">
    <value>#var recalledfrom %roomnum();#recall;#send "//"
  <class name="Channels" id="20">
    <trigger priority="30" id="3">
      <pattern>Fellowship -></pattern>
      <value>#capture 1 Fellowship</value>
    <trigger priority="40" id="4">
      <pattern>Fellowships -></pattern>
      <value>#capture 1 Fellowship</value>
    <trigger priority="190" id="19">
      <value>#capture 1 Fellowship</value>
    <trigger priority="210" id="21">
      <value>#capture 1 Fellowship</value>
  <trigger priority="220" id="22">
    <pattern><![CDATA[^~<(&hpcur)hp (&manacur)mn (&movecur)mv~> ~[&ename~] (&ehealth)~%]]></pattern>
    <value>#var fighting 1</value>
  <var name="ename" usedef="true" id="23"/>
  <var name="ehealth" usedef="true" id="24"/>
  <var name="fighting" usedef="true" id="25"/>
  <var name="ehealth_bar" usedef="true" id="26"/>
  <class name="System" id="27"/>
  <trigger priority="540" id="54">
    <pattern>^You almost go (%w), but suddenly realize that there's no exit there.$</pattern>
  <trigger priority="610" id="61">
    <pattern>^You are too exhausted.$</pattern>
    <value>#NODIR 1</value>
  <trigger priority="2800" id="280">
    <pattern>^(%w) grats '(*)'$</pattern>
    <value>#capture Fellowship 1</value>
  <alias name="/" id="363">
    <value>#var recalledfrom %roomnum();#recall;#send "//"
  <trigger priority="7140" id="714">
    <pattern>You need a boat to go there.</pattern>
    <value>#NODIR 1</value>
  <trigger priority="7730" id="773">
    <pattern>^Recall doesn't seem to work here. You better start walking.$</pattern>
    <value>#teleport @recalledfrom
#call %roomcol(,red)</value>
  <var name="recalledfrom" usedef="true" id="774"/>
  <trigger priority="8590" id="859">
    <pattern>^A sack of some sort is thrown over your head as you are picked up and moved.$</pattern>
    <value>#tel 415
#var recalledfrom 415</value>
  <trigger priority="18260" id="1826">
    <pattern>You have joined the battle</pattern>
    <value>#tel 618
#nodir 1</value>
  <trigger priority="18270" id="1827">
    <pattern>^The battle is set in array!$</pattern>
    <value>#send recall
#tel 619</value>
  <var name="qpfrombattle" id="1876">16</var>
  <trigger priority="18770" id="1877">
    <pattern>^You receive (%d) quest points.$</pattern>
    <value>#if %roomkey()=682||%roomkey()=711 {#add qpfrombattle %1} {#add qpfromother %1}</value>
  <trigger priority="18780" id="1878">
    <pattern>^The Tower of Victory$</pattern>
    <value>#tel 682</value>
  <alias name="g" id="2003">
    <value>get all.stone</value>
  <trigger priority="20440" id="2044">
    <pattern>A stone of (%w), a quality of The Creator, is here.$</pattern>
    <value>get %concat(all.%1)
#wait 1000</value>
  <trigger priority="36850" id="3685">
    <pattern>You wake up and find yourself safe in an infirmary.</pattern>
    <value>#recall;get torch;wear torch;stand;jog 2s</value>
  <trigger priority="37460" id="3746">
    <pattern>^You have been SUBDUED!!$</pattern>
    <value>#var diedinlast %roomnum()
#additem diedin %roomnum()
  <trigger priority="38170" id="3817">
    <pattern>^Something flickers and goes out.$</pattern>
    <value>wear ball</value>
  <trigger priority="38900" id="3890">
    <pattern>^   Maximum level to join : [101]      Time left to join     : [1] minute$</pattern>
    <value>join battle</value>
  <trigger priority="46250" id="4625">
    <pattern>^{@ENAME|someone} DISARMS you and sends your weapon flying!$</pattern>
    <value>get blade
dual blade</value>
  <var name="qpfromother" id="4670">12</var>
  <alias name="recallworked" id="6243">
    <value>#Tel @recalledfrom;#call %roomcol(,yellow);#recall</value>
  <var name="diedinlast" id="6648">419</var>
  <var name="diedin" type="StringList" id="6649">419|101</var>
  <trigger priority="71960" id="7196">
    <pattern>^The minions of di'Lykri have won the mob battle!$</pattern>
    <value>#tel 711;stand</value>
  <trigger priority="76170" id="7617">
    <pattern>^A torch flickers and goes out.$</pattern>
    <value>hold ball</value>
  <trigger priority="88410" id="8841">
    <pattern>^Your kick (*) {@ename|someone}. ~[ (%d) ]$</pattern>

Fellowship window is just sitting docked on top as a fly-down

 <window name="Fellowship" commandline="false" statusbar="false" dockalign="3" dockwith="0" host="-2" usesession="false" id="5">
  <packages>English Keypad|English Directions|AgapeMudIceclaw</packages>
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