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PostPosted: Thu Jun 14, 2007 12:58 pm   

Realms of Despair: Channel Capture
Alright, for all of you multiplayers out there this should help you out a bit. I used to end up ignoring people who sent tells to my alts because I didn't know that they had. Not anymore though, I got bored and wrote this little script up in a few minutes that I find very useful, hopefully you will too.

#CLASS {Comm}
#AL char {#VAR char %1}
#AC {^(%w) tells the group '(*)'$} {#WIN Comm %ansi(high,green)~[@char~]~:%ansi(high,blue)%1 tells the group '%2' %ansi(high,white)%time("h:nn:ss AM/PM")}
#AC {^(%w) ordertalks '(*)'$} {#WIN Comm %ansi(high,green)~[@char~]~:%ansi(high,cyan)%1 ordertalks '%2' %ansi(high,cyan)%time("h:nn:ss AM/PM")}
#AC {^(%w) counciltalks '(*)'$} {#WIN Comm %ansi(high,green)~[@char~]~:%ansi(high,cyan)%1 counciltalks '%2' %ansi(high,cyan)%time("h:nn:ss AM/PM")}
#AC {^(%w) clantalks '(*)'$} {#WIN Comm %ansi(high,green)~[@char~]~:%ansi(high,cyan)%1 clantalks '%2' %ansi(high,cyan)%time("h:nn:ss AM/PM")}
#AC {^(%w) says '(*)'$} {#WIN Comm %ansi(high,green)~[@char~]~:%ansi(high,cyan)%1 says '%2' %ansi(high,cyan)%time("h:nn:ss AM/PM")}
#AC {^(%w) tells you '(*)'$} {#WIN Comm %ansi(high,green)~[@char~]~:%ansi(white)%1 tells you '%2' %ansi(high,white)%time("h:nn:ss AM/PM")}
#AC {^(%w) whispers to you '(*)'$} {#WIN Comm %ansi(high,green)~[@char~]~:%ansi(white)%1 whispers to you '%2' %ansi(high,white)%time("h:nn:ss AM/PM")}
#AC {^(%w) yells '(*)'$} {#WIN Comm %ansi(high,green)~[@char~]~:%ansi(high,cyan)%1 yells '%2' %ansi(high,cyan)%time("h:nn:ss AM/PM")}
#AC {^(%w) wonders '(*)'$} {#WIN Comm %ansi(high,green)~[@char~]~:%ansi(high,cyan)%1 wonders '%2' %ansi(high,cyan)%time("h:nn:ss AM/PM")}
#AC {^(%w) says to you, '(*)'$} {#WIN Comm %ansi(high,green)~[@char~]~:%ansi(high,cyan)%1 says to you, '%2' %ansi(high,cyan)%time("h:nn:ss AM/PM")}
#AC {^(%w) exclaims to you, '(*)'$} {#WIN Comm %ansi(high,green)~[@char~]~:%ansi(high,cyan)%1 exclaims to you, '%2' %ansi(high,cyan)%time("h:nn:ss AM/PM")}
#AC {^(%w) asks you, '(*)'$} {#WIN Comm %ansi(high,green)~[@char~]~:%ansi(high,cyan)%1 asks you, '%2' %ansi(high,cyan)%time("h:nn:ss AM/PM")}
#AC {^(%w) exclaims '(*)'$} {#WIN Comm %ansi(high,green)~[@char~]~:%ansi(high,cyan)%1 exclaims '%2' %ansi(high,cyan)%time("h:nn:ss AM/PM")}
#AC {^(%w) guildtalks '(*)'$} {#WIN Comm %ansi(high,green)~[@char~]~:%ansi(high,cyan)%1 guildtalks '%2' %ansi(high,cyan)%time("h:nn:ss AM/PM")}
#AC {^You tell (%w) '(*)'$} {#WIN Comm %ansi(high,green)~[@char~]~:%ansi(white)You tell %1 '%2' %ansi(high,white)%time("h:nn:ss AM/PM")}
#AC {^You counciltalk '(*)'$} {#WIN Comm %ansi(high,green)~[@char~]~:%ansi(high,cyan)You counciltalk '%1' %ansi(high,cyan)%time("h:nn:ss AM/PM")}
#AC {^You ordertalk '(*)'$} {#WIN Comm %ansi(high,green)~[@char~]~:%ansi(high,cyan)You ordertalk '%1' %ansi(high,cyan)%time("h:nn:ss AM/PM")}
#AC {^You clantalk '(*)'$} {#WIN Comm %ansi(high,green)~[@char~]~:%ansi(high,cyan)You clantalk '%1' %ansi(high,cyan)%time("h:nn:ss AM/PM")}
#AC {^You say '(*)'$} {#WIN Comm %ansi(high,green)~[@char~]~:%ansi(high,cyan)You say '%1' %ansi(high,cyan)%time("h:nn:ss AM/PM")}
#AC {^You exclaim '(*)'$} {#WIN Comm %ansi(high,green)~[@char~]~:%ansi(high,cyan)You exclaim '%1' %ansi(high,cyan)%time("h:nn:ss AM/PM")}
#AC {^You wonder '(*)'$} {#WIN Comm %ansi(high,green)~[@char~]~:%ansi(high,cyan)You wonder '%1' %ansi(high,cyan)%time("h:nn:ss AM/PM")}
#AC {^You ask (%w), '(*)'$} {#WIN Comm %ansi(high,green)~[@char~]~:%ansi(high,cyan)You ask %1, '%2' %ansi(high,cyan)%time("h:nn:ss AM/PM")}
#AC {^You exclaim to (%w), '(*)'$} {#WIN Comm %ansi(high,green)~[@char~]~:%ansi(high,cyan)You exclaim to %1, '%2' %ansi(high,cyan)%time("h:nn:ss AM/PM")}
#AC {^You say to (%w), '(*)'$} {#WIN Comm %ansi(high,green)~[@char~]~:%ansi(high,cyan)You say to %1, '%2' %ansi(high,cyan)%time("h:nn:ss AM/PM")}
#AC {^You whisper to (%w) '(*)'$} {#WIN Comm %ansi(high,green)~[@char~]~:%ansi(white)You whisper to %1 '%2' %ansi(high,white)%time("h:nn:ss AM/PM")}
#AC {^You guildtalk '(*)'$} {#WIN Comm %ansi(high,green)~[@char~]~:%ansi(high,cyan)You guildtalk '%1' %ansi(high,cyan)%time("h:nn:ss AM/PM")}
#AC {^You quest '(*)'$} {#WIN Comm %ansi(high,green)~[@char~]~:%ansi(high,cyan)You quest '%1' %ansi(high,cyan)%time("h:nn:ss AM/PM")}
#AC {^(%w) quests '(*)'$} {#WIN Comm %ansi(high,green)~[@char~]~:%ansi(high,cyan)%1 quests '%2' %ansi(high,cyan)%time("h:nn:ss AM/PM")}

Alright, all you need to do is save this to a .txt file in your zmud directory and type #READ txtfilename.txt into each mud window that you want to use it on and hit enter. (If you have more than the allowed 8 at one time you can always open them offline) As soon as you do that type char "charname" minus the quotes and you should be golden.

Something to note however is that when you whois people who have logged things into their bio they will show up as if you received the channel/or typed it depending on what it is. I've tried to trigger the prompt to #T+ Comm and whenever you type look %1 or whois %1 #t- Comm but that doesn't work. Minus this one shortfall this script works quite excellently. As always, if you have any constructive criticism let me know either here or on RoD.

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