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PostPosted: Tue Aug 08, 2006 12:51 am   

[1.03] Session/Package/Module/Etc Trigger firing 2/3 times.
After reading through both rather large threads on this matter I'm still rather confused, and to be honest I could have missed something in there so please forgive me if it's been commented on already.

My concern is in 1.03 there is no way for me to set up 2 session, with the same triggers, but only have those trigger for those specific windows. Or is there ?

My typical playing set up is as follows.

1 session setup for each character
1 Global Package with settings/triggers/colours/fonts/etc that is common to all sessions.
1 Package per character for character specific items.

The problem is that if I do this, when I load up a 2nd session, it loads in a 2nd copy of the global package, and on all characters triggers trigger twice, or 3 times if I have 3 sessions open etc etc.

From my understanding each Session was supposed to act like a seperate copy of CMud ? They didn't interact with eachother ?

From what I've read of the debates a week back, there seemed to be issues with packages owning windows, or windows owning packages etc etc. Wouldn't it be just a lot simplier if the Connection owned it all.

As in each package/window/etc was associated with 1 connection. And only that raw data stream would affect it ? Even if you had a global package, Cmud should in effect be running 1 instance of that package for each connection. And only that 1 instance has access to the incoming data etc.

Or am I totally off the mark here with what we are doing ?


All I want to be able to do is multi 8 chars on the 1 mud, with global and unique packages! It's all so hard!
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PostPosted: Tue Aug 08, 2006 1:07 am   
I believe zugg is undergoing some rethinking processes regarding how "Modules" etc work.

Having 8 characters with 8 seperate packages (Assuming you created it that way) IS SUPPOSED to act independently what some of those threads were reporting was they weren't. Its a known problem however it prompted the other discussions you have read regarding changing packages, modules, windows, sessions etc. and their definitions within cmud.

Please try to remember cmud is beta. Feedback is good but i wouldnt expect it to work flawlessly just yet.

To *Zugg*
You also might consider some way of making a feedback button or something so its more readily apparent to users. As it wasnt really a feature in ZMUD people dont find it unless they look for it (in my opinion) I have had to tell a few people how to Submit Feedback within CMUD.
Confucious say "Bugs in Programs need Hammer"
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