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Zugg Posted: Tue Aug 01, 2006 10:05 pm
Problem with new Module/Package stuff

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PostPosted: Wed Aug 02, 2006 10:45 pm   
If I was to use an inline comment I would always put a space after it anyway eg:

// this is a comment

Not sure about other folks, I guess there's always going to be someone who breaks it :)
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 03, 2006 3:40 am   
Inline comments are definitely a keeper. I'm with Rainchild, it's rare that I don't put a space after the //.
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PostPosted: Fri Aug 04, 2006 10:24 pm   
It's odd but sometimes I'll write a whole program and I won't have put spaces after the comment characters and other times I'll have a whole program where I did, never had one with a mixture yet, no idea why other than that I'm odd. A space after the comment character is definitely better looking in my opinion.

Larkin: The inline comments can't be removed other wise you start to get more incompatibility between zMUD and CMUD even though I agree that they are not really needed as commenting looks far tidier done above the line you are making a comment about.
Taz :)
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