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PostPosted: Fri May 12, 2006 7:42 pm   

Aarchon spell practicing script
This is a script I developed a while back to continually use a certain spell or skill so that the practiced percentage will go up.


#VAR manaout {0}
#VAR sleep {0}
#TRIGGER {{You don't have enough mana.|You need 25 mana to scribe that spell.}$} {#var manaout {1} {_nodef} "spellbot"}
#TRIGGER {%d/%d %d/%d %d/%d %detl%d} {
  #if (@manaout) {
    #if (!@sleep) {
      #if (@hpvar>105) {c cann} {
        sleep fire
        #var sleep {1} {_nodef} "spellbot"
  #if (@sleep) {
    #if (@mpvar>1500) {
      #var sleep {0} {_nodef} "spellbot"
      #var manaout {0} {_nodef} "spellbot"
      scribe cont
  } "" {nocr|prompt}
#TRIGGER {You learn from your mistakes, and your (*) skill improves.} {skill "%1"}
#TRIGGER {You have become better at (*)!} {skill "%1"}
#TRIGGER {{You scribe scroll of continual light.|You mix up two symbols and fail.}$} {scribe cont}

It works pretty well but is specifically designed for one character, so it's not very versatile. Eventually I'll set the mana and hp checks to be non static values but to depend on the current character's max hp and mana.

hpvar and mpvar are both variables that come from a separate prompt trigger.

"c cann" casts the spell cannibalism which converts life into mana. This is another non versatile aspect inthat only two game classes receive this spell.

The skill it is set to practice at the moment is the scribe skill. For each new skill or spell the script needs to be tweaked. The usual three places are the success/failure trigger which cause it to repeat the action and inside the prompt trigger.

Questions, comments, and rebuttals are welcomed.
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