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PostPosted: Wed Apr 05, 2006 11:01 pm   

Old pro user finally updating
Great job Zugg, glad I can finally see where I'm going on the new islands.

I've been running acexplorer/acexplorer pro since you first offered them which has caused some problems during the upgrade.

For one thing, I have no clue what information I originally ordered with and after so many years of enjoyable use I just bought another license (not like you charge MS Office prices or anything!).

That hurdle over, I uninstalled my old acexplorer and installed the new 3.41 to default directory. Upon trying to update some of the data files I found this post Hentaya's post and fixed the .INI accordingly however I then started receiving weird error messages.
This was my problem File Access Denied when I searched the forum for that topic and saw the date on the previous problem I knew something was odd.

I tried installing the new acexplorer on a win64 machine that has never ran any version of acexplorer and it worked like a charm after editing the .INI as previously stated.
Then I compared the new INI to the INI on my other machine and they were quite different.
So back to the original machine. I uninstalled acexplorer, manually went into the directory and removed everything but my Markers.dat file and then reinstalled with no more problems. A quick fix to the INI file and both acspedia and acmaps updated without problems and in a dozen start up/shut downs I have had no more errors.

Just wanted to let old users know that even though you may have uninstalled the last version you were using, if like me you have used multiple versions over the years in the same directory its possible your default acexplorer directory is polluted with old files and manually purging it before installing the new version will save you a few bumps in the road.

Thanks to all who helped keep acexplorer alive & kicking!
Fzzt of FF.
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