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Formatting big numbers in ZMud using VBScript
There are many posts in these forums asking about formatting numbers. That is, adding commas to make them display friendly. The consensus seems to be to use %format, which works pretty well for small numbers.

However, I found %format to be a little quirky sometimes, and it won't do long-doubles. Some have posted long aliases to reformat their strings. These involve a nested series of #if statements, or some other conditionals, used to manually insert commas using %insert. This is a slow and tedious method.

So, because I don't really like the %format command, I once again have turned to VBScript for a simple solution:

#SCRIPT {Function addcommas(number):addcommas = FormatNumber(number,0):End Function}


#show %mss(addcommas(12345678901234))


This works for large numbers, and is much faster to execute than all those nested #ifs.

If you need to preserve decimal places, you can change the paramaters of the FormatNumber function in the VBScript to get what you want. Explore the VBScript documentation for more information:

Have a nice day,


PS. VBScript rocks my world.
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