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PostPosted: Fri Sep 30, 2005 7:29 pm   

zMapper questions and quirks
I'm finally getting around to seeing what zMapper can do for me now that I'm trying out MUDs again. I had a few questions.

I tried the resizing rooms thing and for most part it works well except...

1. If I resize along the grid lines... the rooms actually overlap a little bit when zooming out. is there anyway to avoid this? It's not a dealbreaker but it can be a little annoying to someone like me who can be a perfectionist at times.

2. I have some irregular shaped and as a result when I stack my close to each other I get these irregular room links. (In other words Room I have very long and room 2 I have stretched very high/wide. A link east from Rm1 to Rm2 results in something akin to an elongated Z. I think these may be par for the course though, because I realize like place (at least at the point of connection,) is a key point for easy map navigation.

3. I tried to doing a bitmap for room graphics and had a few funky things happen. (I fully admit this may just be user error). I right-clicked on a room and edited a 45 X 45 pixel image as the room bitmap, saved it and assigned it to the room. Since the image wouldn't scale in that scenario I created a room image and I used the prior .bmp as the source, how zMapper insisted on resizing the .bmp to 105 x 105 with my 45 x 45 image in the upper left hand corner. Any explanations ideas? (The only way around it for me was to use 'Paint' scale the image to 105 x 105.)

4. I realize that because of limited interest zMapper is in a bit of a stasis, however will there be/is there any other documentation besides the tutorials and those included in the product help files. I'm particularly interested in using zMapper and zMud for map configure/scripting. The docs as they are would require a lot trial and error to get something going (and one again I'd prefer to be lazy with some aspects of it.)

Zugg you make great products and you have excellent customer service. I can't wait for the product code-named zMudXP.[/img]
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