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Converting from eLicense to new copy protection
A lot of people seem to be confused about how to upgrade to the new version of zMUD without eLicense, so let me provide some tips.

  • Be sure you follow the instructions given in the Installer. The installer displays a text file with instructions. READ THIS FILE! Specifically, these instructions tell you to back up your current zMUD files, then install the new 7.20 zMUD into the SAME DIRECTORY as the old version. If you do this and the old version of zMUD was already working on your computer, then you will see a simple Upgrade button appear on the new Trial screen that can be used for a painless upgrade.
  • The first time you use the Upgrade button, you will be prompted to update your name and email address associated with your license. This is the easiest way to upgrade when your email address has changed. You don't need to email us to get your address changed, just use the Upgrade button on the Trial screen and follow the instructions.
  • To get the Upgrade button to appear on the Trial screen, you must already have a valid eLicense reg code installed on your computer from the old versions of zMUD. Also, the ELICEN40.DLL file from the old version must be in your new zMUD directory. If you install the new version to the same directory as the old version, then you will already have this file in your directory. If you install the new 7.20 zMUD to a new directory, copy this DLL file from your old zMUD installation into the new directory to enable the Upgrade button.
  • If your old zMUD registration didn't exist on your computer, then you can try running the REG-ZMUD.EXE program manually. You will see an eLicense Trial screen for this and you can click the License button and enter your old zMUD reg code, just like if you were registering the old zMUD. This will use eLicense to verify your old reg code and install it on the computer. Then it will upgrade this old reg code to the new license key and copy the new key to your clipboard. You can then run the new 7.20 zMUD and click the Enter License button and it will automatically retrieve the new license from the clipboard and enter it into the form. To run the REG-ZMUD program manually, you still need a copy of the ELICEN40.DLL file in your zMUD directory.
  • The final way to get your new license is to log into the Zugg Software Store. Go to and enter your email address and password into the login form. Your password is sent to you when you purchase the new version of zMUD from the store. For old versions of zMUD, click the Recover Password link and enter the email address you originally used to purchase zMUD. Your login password will be emailed to that address. You can then use the email address and password to log into the Store. Then you can click on the Order History link to display your zMUD orders and click the Retrieve Password button to get your new license key emailed to you.
  • If you have several past orders under different email addresses, you can merge them into a single account. You need to log into the account that you want to get rid of. Then go to the Modify Profile link and enter the email address and password of the account you want to keep. The orders from the first account will be merged into the second account so that all you have left is the second account.
  • You can update your name or email address at any time by logging into the Store as mentioned above. The Modify Profile link can be used to update your name, email address, or other information. You can also enter your Forum username and password if you want the store to automatically log you in whenever it detects that you are already logged into the forums.
  • Do not confuse the main Forum Login with the new Store Login. The Store Login is available on the page in the MY STORE ACCOUNT section. This is NOT your Forum login. The Forum login is located on the main home page. Be sure and keep these two logins straight. We have chosen not to merge these into a single login because we needed a way to uniquely identify each of the existing 60,000 zMUD users, and chose to use your unique email address for this login. There was no way to automatically associate Forum accounts with the existing order accounts. I realize that having two logins is a bit confusing for some people, so just try to remember. Do NOT try to use your store login on the main page...that is for the Discussion Forum access, not for store orders. Eventually I will try to improve the system so that it's more intuitive.
  • Please only email as a LAST RESORT when you have tried the above suggestions to retrieve your new license. We are getting swamped with requests to update email addresses, and most of these requests could have been avoided by simply using the Upgrade button that appears on the new Trial screen.
This new license system was designed to be as easy as possible. It is designed to make it completely painless for anyone that is currently running the old zMUD successfully if you follow the instructions. People who have not used zMUD in a long time or have forgotten their reg code now have several methods to retrieve their license key. But if you still have trouble with the new system, we are still here to help. Thanks for your patience and understanding.
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