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PostPosted: Sun Jul 31, 2005 12:05 am   

zApp 2.3.2 build released
I've released the latest weekly build of zApp 2.3.2.

This version has the new Page and Tab controls from DevExpress, along with the dockable panel support.

In the zPages.TabStyle topic you will see the list of all the new tab styles that are supported. The default is Slanted and supports the colored tabs. A few of the obscure properties of the old tab system no longer exist...hopefully nobody was using them. One important property that has disappeared is the AllowDragging which allowed users to change the order of tabs. I'll have to implement that later myself since DevExpress doesn't provide this.

The dockable panels are even more exciting. I was able to hide all of the complexities (and there are a *lot* of complexities) behind the scenes and provide a very simple interface for a dockable panel system. Basically, you just use panels the way you normal have in zApp. To make a panel "docked" just set the "Docked" property to True, or set the Caption of the panel to the name you want displayed in the docked caption bar.

You can also just set the Float property to True to cause a panel to float, and you can set the DockTo and DockIndex properties to dock the panel to another named panel or window in a specific position. Lots of other properties added to the zPanel documentation for controlling docking. But basically it's just a matter of setting the Docked property.

In DevExpress they have the concept of "DockSites" and "DockPanels". I am happy that I was able to hide this so that you just deal with normal Panels. Needed DockSites and DockPanels are created on the fly in the background.

In addition to normal docking and floating, panels can be docked together in either tabbed (Align='Client') or horizontally (Align='Left' or 'Right') or vertically (Align='Top' or 'Bottom'). You can set the AllowClose property to True to cause a close button to be displayed on each panel. You can set the AllowHide property to true to cause an icon to appear which can be used to make auto-hide "fly-out" panels like you've seen in other programs. Lots and lots of power here. And of course it has Theme support.

I think this is the easiest docking system I have ever seen in *any* development environment, and should give zApp developers a nice advantage.

Remember to create a NEW TOPIC in the forums to discuss any problems that you might have with this version. If you find a confirmed bug you can also report it in the Bug Tracking system, but you should probably make a normal post first to make sure it's really a bug.

I hope you enjoy the new features. I'll be working on replacing the eLicense copy protection system next week.

Oh, as always, you can download the Weekly Build in the Downloads/zApp section of the web site.
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 31, 2005 12:52 am   
I was going to add two bugs I discovered to the new bug tracking system (I mentioned them in previous posts but forgot to do it until now.) However, my current username and password are not working. Is this under a seperate account?
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Joined: 25 Sep 2000
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PostPosted: Sun Jul 31, 2005 2:33 am   
Ahh, I think it's still set up to require you to join the Beta Forum. Go to the Groups in the Site menu above and join the Beta forum and then see if it lets you in.
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