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Advanced Prompt (Mostly just cool)
This is a trigger that will display how much Hp or Mana etc you have used IN your prompt, If you get Backstabbed you will know right away for how many hps, Or if you cast that mana costly area spell You will know right away how much mana you used.
You will have to adjust the Pattern to fit your mud and as Mud prompts can be complex this has automagicly added 1 to the complexity rating.

Complexity Rating: 3 of 10 (10 being most complex)

Commands and Functions used:

NOTE: multiple #PSUB can be stacked in a single trigger, however don't have two triggers try to Psub the same line

Assuming this simplified Prompt pattern (No maxes)-
[50hp 25ma 30mv]>

#TRIGGER "advPrompt" {~[(%n)hp (%n)ma (%n)mv~]~>} {
#VAR Prompt.hpc %eval( %1-@Prompt.hp)
#VAR Prompt.hp %1
#VAR Prompt.mac %eval(
#VAR %2
#VAR Prompt.mvc %eval(
#VAR %3
#PSUB {%1/@Prompt.hpc} %x1
#PSUB {%2/@Prompt.mac} %x2
#PSUB {%3/@Prompt.mvc} %x3
} "" {prompt|nocr}

NOTE: The %eval must come BEFORE you overwrite the Variable when adjusting the pattern/matching to your output also the Psubs should be at the bottom.

CODING: I can personally tailor this for you by Private Messaging Me Be sure to include an example of your prompt! Replies will be made when I have a chance. Cash is your best bet for a lot quicker chance :P
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