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PostPosted: Tue Jun 29, 2004 6:18 am   

AC Explorer Pro 3.33 now uses new eLicense
As some people have reported, the AC Explorer 3.33 binary that was on this site had it's 30-day trial expire back in March. Also, it used an old version of eLicense that didn't support the Offline licenses and had the bug fixes of the new versions (like the Code 17 fix).

So, I've rewrapped AC Explorer with the latest eLicense. I also changed the expiration of the trial ahead by a few more years (if AC keeps going that long). If you need to get an Offline license for a computer not connected to the Internet, click the License button, then the Get Offline License button.

I also fixed the problem in the installer that would always report that a newer version of AC Explorer was available when it really wasn't. The installer also contains the latest ACX Server program so that people don't have to keep downloading it separately.

I tested this new version on my system here and it seemed to work fine, but let me know if this has introduced any problems that I'm not aware of.

Sorry for the delay in getting this rewrapped.
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