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PostPosted: Tue Jun 08, 2004 5:35 am   

Uhg! Advanced Triggers, help please.
Ok folks, its been a while since ive been a active mudder, thus my trigger skills are a lil shy, but i need some help in a bad way.

On the opening page of the help file on Trigger States it gives an example of a multiline capture trigger. Which is really close to what i need.

So basically im not making a trigger for a game. I making a trigger to automatically update large files. Basically i work in offline mode, send a file to the "mud" and let the triggers change the buffer that i inturn am capturing in a log file. and vwalla, Search and Replace, but you can do alot more.. BUT!!! heres my dilemma, it only worked once. It worked beautifully, and then i tried to add a lil too it, and it broke, of course, then i undid what i did, but it was still broken. gave it a good ol fashioned gotta love windows reboot, and STILL no work..

Now if you look at the example, it shows in the second state of the trigger a if statement like this:

#COND "CaptureLines" {} {#IF ((%line =~ @EndLine)|(%concat(%line,"$")=@EndLine)) {#SET CaptureLines 3 1} {<"<">@LineCapCommand>}} {looplines|param=99|notrig|disable}

The Syntax Checker, gives me a syntax error pointing to the "@" in "{#IF ((%line =~ @EndLine)"

But this is really frustrating because i got it to work once, and cant figure out why it doesnt work now.

I would post my trigger, but ive hacked it up so much, im just going to start over, so i'll post a new one if i get anywhere near the working one i did have.

but basically i need to do a search and replace on a file. where the replaced portion is x ammount of lines (changes per txt) between two patterns, preferably multi line patterns. It worked once by placing the patterns in a variable, but yeah, ive been staring at this too long. please can someone help me out.. or at least give me some outside thoughts thanks

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PostPosted: Tue Jun 08, 2004 6:38 pm   
Could you repost this in the General forum? This one's only for Finished Scripts. Thanks.
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