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PostPosted: Sun Apr 18, 2004 3:08 am   

CaebColor (a zChat Helper) Update
//CaebColor Update
//Updating All My Scripts now
//Changes: First CaebColor was real bad but somehow worked:P
// Fixed now does background colors too

//CaebColor is a little function I wrote for zChat to correctly display color to
//Mudmaster Users. I wrote it as a function so I could easily search and replace
//my %ansi calls with @CaebColor, but although similar it does not offer all the
//functionality that %ansi has.
//Colors it accepts for forecolor
//black blue green red cyan magenta yellow white
//these all may be prefixed with "reset," or "bold," to get
//either the bold or reset version of each color, also know
//that reset, blue is the same as just blue. (added it to be compatible with %ansi)
//backcolor only accepts the color names no reset or bold since all must be
//a 'reset' color anyway
//reset as your color by itself sets it to your default forecolor
//and bold by itself changes to using bold of the previous color
//@CaebColor(forecolor, backcolor) ==SYNTAX
//@CaebColor(reset, blue, black) ==gives you dim blue on black background
//@CaebColor(bold,blue) ==gives you bold blue on current background
//@CaebColor(bold,yellow,yellow) ==gives you bold yellow on reset yellow
//Last but not least if you do not use this function correctly
//Let's say you do @CaebColor(blue,blue,blue) which is incorrect
//because the only time 3 parameters is acceptable is when the first is reset or bold
//you wont get an error message, theres no "error checking" so make sure you use it right :)

//All my scripts
//ZTrader, ZMaverick, etc require this script btw

#DELCLASS {CaebColor}

#CLASS CaebColor
#VARIABLE CCTypeList {bold|reset}
#VARIABLE CCNameList {black|blue|green|cyan|red|magenta|yellow|white|reset|bold}
#VARIABLE CCForeList {30|34|32|36|31|35|33|37|0|1}
#VARIABLE CCBackList {40|44|42|46|41|45|43|47}
#FUNCTION CCFore {%item(@CCForeList,%ismember(%1,@CCNameList))}
#FUNCTION CCBack {%item(@CCBackList,%ismember(%1,@CCNameList))}
#FUNCTION CaebColor {%if(%3,@CC3(%1,%2,%3),%if(%2,@CC2(%1,%2),@CC1(%1)))}
#FUNCTION CC1 {%e[@CCFore(%1)m}
#FUNCTION CC2 {%if(%ismember(%1,@CCTypeList),@CC2FC(%1,%2),@CC2BG(%1,%2))}
#FUNCTION CC3 {%e[@CCFore(%1);@CCFore(%2);@CCBack(%3)m}
#FUNCTION CC2FC {%e[@CCFore(%1);@CCFore(%2)m}
#FUNCTION CC2BG {%e[@CCFore(%1);@CCBack(%2)m}

#ALIAS ccalltest {cc1test;cc2fctest;cc2bgtest;cc3test}
#ALIAS cc1test {#FORALL @CCNameList {#SHOW @CaebColor(%i)CC1Test %i}}
#ALIAS cc2fctest {#FORALL @CCTypeList {#FORALL @CCNameList {#SHOW @CaebColor(%i,%j) CC2FCtest %i %j}}}
#ALIAS cc2bgtest {#FORALL @CCNameList {#FORALL @CCNameList {#SHOW @CaebColor(%i,%j) CC2BGtest %i %j}}}
#ALIAS cc3test {#FORALL @CCNameList {#FORALL @CCNameList {#SHOW @CaebColor(bold,%i,%j)CC3Test %i %j}}}
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