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PostPosted: Tue Mar 16, 2004 6:21 am   

Question on zExplorer Notes and some other stuff
When I publish a note with something like this in it

URL: <a href="">AC2MAPS</a><br />Level: 21

Then do an all update the note turns into this

82</NoteId> <ObjID>479</ObjID> <Note>URL: <a href="">AC2MAPS</a><br />Level: 21

Is zExplorer not updating currectly, is it not liking what I enter like the html stuff?

The update all does not seem to retrieve all the records from the db not sure if its timing out or what. I can reinstall zExplorer open ac2 database which it then will download the db file. After it gets done downloading I hit the update data files button. After thats done I notice that not all of the entrys have been placed. So I hit update all and that still doesn't get all the files. I have to change the LastDate= field in the ac2.ini to different month or year to get it to download more entrys.

Also is it any trouble for you to delete all the entrys in the default ac2 ac2.mdb and maybe ac1 places.mdb that you download. Like if I delete the ac2.mdb restart zexplorer it will go and auto downloads another mdb.

because in the ac2 ac2.mdb there entrys that have data in the desc: field which could be removed.

if a entry gets deleted from online db it can still appear in zExplorer and when you do a search it seems.

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PostPosted: Fri Mar 19, 2004 8:26 am   
Looks like a bug with HTML in the Notes field. I'll add that to the bug list.

The Update option loads everything modified in the database since the LastDate in the INI file. If you reinstall zExplorer, be sure to delete the INI file since Uninstalling does not remove any user-created preferences or data. If the INI file is missing, then the Update should download all data.

Instead of deleting the entries themselves, just delete the AC2.MDB file and let zExplorer download a fresh copy.

Hmm, deleted items shouldn't show up in the search. Might be another bug.
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Joined: 09 Feb 2001
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PostPosted: Fri Mar 19, 2004 7:38 pm   
I was only getting them weird bugs when it didn't update currectly. Deleting the ini file then doing update all did download all entrys looked like just fine.

The AC2.MDB that auto downloads when you dont have one. It already has entrys in it. It has note entrys as if someone was testing to see if they worked. Several of entrys have in there description something like "Changed from 42.6S 8.9E toebes 9/9/02"
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