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PostPosted: Sun Jan 18, 2004 9:23 am   

Stat Roller for Dragon Swords MUD
1. click on the triggers button
2. click on the arrow next to new to select "new class folder"
3. name this folder "roller" (without the quotes)
4. in this folder create a new trigger:
the Pattern should be: Str: %1 Int: %2 Wis: %3 Dex: %4 Con: %5
and the value:
#reset roller
#add str %1
#add int %2
#add wis %3
#add dex %4
#add con %5
#add rolls 1
#add total %1+%2+%3+%4+%5
#show %ansi( high, blue)Total:%ansi( high, red)@total
#if @total>84 {keep} {#cr}

this will add up your str int wis dex and con, and if the total is above a certain number (in this case above 84) it will enter keep, otherwise it will enter a carraige return, which will bring up the next roll.

i added in the @rolls variable, just so you can see how many rolls it takes to get a really good one. In roughly 2 million rolls, I got 1 87, 2 85's, and 5 84's using >83.
you can also add a @totalstr, int, etc and use a basic math formula to determine your average roll.
something like #math avestr @totalstr/@rolls would show your average str by dividing your total str (12 + 8 + 18 + 15 + 10 + etc etc) divided by your 1,482,472 rolls. I'm not sure if it rounds to a decimal or not.

I wrote this in about 5 minutes, so I know there is probably a better way to get this done, but this should get you a better char. If you set the minimum to 80 you should see a good stat within an hour or 2. times increase exponentially once you pass 83. 85 can take a full day on 6 windows.. 87+ is like hitting the lottery :)
set it to 75 and you should have something within 15-20 minutes.

hope this helps you out
aka Filimus (or Erdrick, shhh don't tell the imms ;) )
Dragon Swords MUD (
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