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PostPosted: Wed Dec 17, 2003 6:10 pm   

Medievia - Little Scripts
Some people have found some of these smaller scripts to be of use
I'll just post them here.

First One is farsight script

CTRL + 8,6,4,2,-,+ ..cast farsight n,e,w,s,u,d
INS ..toggles between full and brief room viewing
it turns on brief and shuts off auto exit
before casting, and the opposite when done
CTRL-INS ..toggles between using a helm of the high
forest or actually casting the spell

*note* If you use a CI HF you need to type fsh 'keyword of helm'
to be able to use helm for casting far sight

ALT-INS ..shows current status of helm/cast or brief
/full room viewing


#DELCLASS {Farsight Script}

#CLASS {Farsight Script}

#CLASS {Farsight Script|User Commands}

#CLASS {Farsight Script|Macros}
    #KEY {CTRL-INS} {helmtog}
    #KEY {ALT-INS}  {farshow}
    #KEY {INS}      {fartog}
    #KEY {CTRL-KEY4} {cfar w}
    #KEY {CTRL-KEY8} {cfar n}
    #KEY {CTRL-KEY6} {cfar e}
    #KEY {CTRL-KEY2} {cfar s}
    #KEY {CTRL-ADD}  {cfar u}
    #KEY {CTRL-SUB}  {cfar d}

#CLASS {Farsight Script|Data}
    #VARIABLE farstate   {1}
    #VARIABLE helmstate  {0}
    #VARIABLE farcommand {c farsight}
    #VARIABLE helmname   {"helm"}

#CLASS {Farsight Script|Script Commands}
    #ALIAS fsh        {helmname = %-1;farmsg Name of helm is set to %ansi(bold,white)%-1}
    #ALIAS cfar {brief;auto;@farcommand %1;brief;auto}
    #ALIAS fartog  {#IF (@farstate) {fardisable} {farenable}}
    #ALIAS farshow {farmsg Status: %if(@farstate,Brief Room Viewing,Full Room Viewing)-%if(@helmstate,Using Item,Casting Spell)}
    #ALIAS helmtog {#IF (@helmstate) {helmdisable} {helmenable}}
    #ALIAS helmenable  {farmsg Switched to using item to cast farsight spell.;helmstate = 1;farcommand = "use @helmname"}
    #ALIAS helmdisable {farmsg Switched to casting farsight spell.;helmstate = 0;farcommand = "c farsight"}
    #ALIAS fardisable  {farmsg Switched to Full Room Viewing;farstate = 0;#ALIAS cfar {@farcommand %%1}}
    #ALIAS farenable   {farmsg Switched to Brief Room Viewing;farstate = 1;#ALIAS cfar {brief;auto;@farcommand %%1;brief;auto}}
    #ALIAS farmsg      {#SHOW %ansi(bold,blue)(%ansi(bold,white)Farsight%ansi(bold,blue)) %ansi(bold,yellow)%-1}

Cheers Caebryn
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PostPosted: Wed Dec 17, 2003 10:39 pm   
this one rocks, now I just need someone to sell me an hf helm [:p]

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