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PostPosted: Wed Aug 23, 2006 8:37 am   

[1.05] Coloured Triggers
I've been playing around with coloured triggers quite a bit recently and I've noticed a few quirks, maybe I'm doing it wrong but thought I'd mention them.

With my setup I have the bold ANSI colour command setting my zmud text to highlighted, instead of bolded because I prefer it that way.

If I try and set up a trigger on some incoming text, lets say grey with black background. It works fine, and the trigger colour is listed as 7 in the pkg file.

If I try and set it up to say highlighted blue (What bolded blue looks like on my screen) It sets up ok but it never fires...

So I figure this could be a problem with me selecting the wrong actual incoming colour, so I set it to the darker blue which is the actual incoming colour, just bolded and highlighted on my screen. Still doesn't fire...

Whats the right way to be doing this, can cmud trigger on bolded and unbolded lines equally ? Or is the coloured trigger option not that smart and because the line is bolded it just won't trigger on it at all ?

Can the options be changed to look exactly like the ANSI colour picker options, where I can select bold/underlined/strikethrough etc etc ?

The question is does the colour trigger fire off the incoming unmodified colours or the ones I actually see on my screen, and how does bold/unbold come into it.
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PostPosted: Wed Aug 30, 2006 7:22 pm   
I'll take a look at this. Looks like this might be a bug.

Keep in mind that the simple "color triggers" only care about the color of the first character on the line. To trigger on color changes within the line, then you need to use an ANSI trigger and put in the ANSI codes that are used by the MUD. And this can be a bit hard to determine. In zMUD you could copy/paste a line from the MUD window into the trigger pattern field to see the ANSI codes, but that hasn't been added to CMUD yet.

For the simple color triggers, it is *supposed* to use the actual colors that you see on the screen.
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