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PostPosted: Sun Aug 20, 2006 1:00 am   

[1.05] Packages with windows and inherited Modules without.
Ok maybe I missed something somewhere but this just doesn't seem right.

Fresh install of Cmud.

Make a session, connect to my mud.
Set up all the preferences the way I like them and create a login trigger.
Convert the window to a module and publish it so I can use it as a default setting for all other sessions.

Ok all that works well and good.

Create a new session, with my characters name. and a specific package for all that characters settings. I inherit the module I just created before.
All looks great, it uses the module preferences etc etc.

Create a 2nd new session, 2nd character, 2nd specific package but still inherit the module created before.

Now is when the problem occurs. If i try and run both characters at once, the 2nd one I run, runs in the same window as the first. Kicking off the first character.

It creates a 2nd window tab up the top but it doens't use it, it simply uses the main default window open when you first open up cmud.

Both the character packages have windows in them, but it's not creating them...

Is the inherited (I know old zmud lingo but thats what I call it) module withOUT a window taking control and not letting the character create a window ?
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PostPosted: Sun Aug 20, 2006 1:14 am   
No, this is related to the problems I mentioned in the blog about multi-playing and having different network connections for different windows not yet working. It's something I'm aware of but didn't have time to fix before I went away for a week.

The way you are doing it is the correct method. You create a package with your shared settings in a published module, and then you include this package for each of your other sessions.

The problem is coming when you try to load both sessions at the same time. This is the multiplaying case that isn't working yet. So it gets confused about network connections and causes the problems you mentioned.

So anyway, I know that multiplaying is screwed up right now, and it's what I'll be fixing more when I get back. Sorry to break it for you, but that's how we find the bugs in the new package/module/window system.
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