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PostPosted: Sun Oct 02, 2005 2:35 am   

My prompt for Aarchon[ROM]
this is what my prompt for Aarchon[ROM] looks like:
<3640(H)3640 1938(V)1946 2464(M)2482 909 10am |10 0|94| [NESWDNeSeSwNw-Bastion] (Scrt|Excl)>
as set with this prompt:
<%h(H)%H %v(V)%V %m(M)%M %X %T |%Q %C|%q| [%e-%z] (%f|%y)>%c

this is what it looks like after the trigger:

*-------------------------------------------------------* *-------------*
|Aerun    38                                            | |     (N)     |
*-------------------------------------------------------* |      |      |
|Health: 2516/2516   Body: 1271/1271   Mind: 1513/1513  | |  NW  |  NE  |
*-------------------------------------------------------* |    \ | /    |
|ETL: 380  Time: 6am Til Q: 0 On Q: 0 Q Points: 2       | |(W)--[O]--(E)|
*-------------------------------------------------------* |    / | \    |
|Exits: NESWDNeSeSwNw  Area: Bastion                    | |  SW  |  SE  |
*-------------------------------------------------------* |      |      |
|Enemy:                Me: Excl                         | |     (S) |D| |
*-------------------------------------------------------* *-------------*

this is how i did it.

#say Configuring Prompt
prompt <%h(H)%H %v(V)%V %m(M)%M %X %T |%Q %C|%q| [%e-%z] (%f|%y)>%c
#wait 1000
#say Prompt Configured
#wait 1000
#Say Configuring Directions
#DIR fj {ne|northeast} ne "System|DirectionsDiag"
#DIR gh {se|southeast} se "System|DirectionsDiag"
#DIR hg {nw|northwest} nw "System|DirectionsDiag"
#DIR jf {sw|southwest} sw "System|DirectionsDiag"
#DIR oo {open door} none "System|DirectionsDiag"
#wait 1000
#say Directions Configured
#wait 1000
#say Configuring level
#wait 1000
#var level 1
#prompt level "Please enter your character's current level"
#trig (^you raise a level!!} {#add level 1}
#wait 1000
#say Level configured
#wait 1000
#say Installing Prompt
#wait 1000
#TRIGGER {~<(%d)~(H~)(%d) (%d)~(V~)(%d) (%d)~(M~)(%d) (%d) (%d{am|pm}) ~|(%d) (%d)~|(%d)~| ~[([NESWDUewsn])-(*)~] ~((*)~|(*)~)~>} {#var exits %replace( %replace( %replace( %replace( "%12", "Se", "g"), "Sw", "j"), "Nw", "h"), "Ne", "f");#sub {*-------------------------------------------------------* *-------------*%cr|%ansi(12)%char%repeat(" ",4)%ansi(9)@level%ansi(2)%repeat(" ",51-%eval(%len(%char)+%len(@level)))| |%repeat(" ",5)%if(%pos("N",@exits),%ansi(15)~(%ansi(14)N%ansi(15)~),%repeat(" ",3)) %if(%pos("U",@exits),%ansi(15)|%ansi(14)U%ansi(15)|,%repeat(" ",3)) %ansi(2)|%cr*-------------------------------------------------------* |%repeat(" ",6)%if(%pos("N",@exits),%ansi(9)|," ")%repeat(" ",6)%ansi(2)|%cr|%ansi(12)Health%ansi(15): %ansi(9)%1%ansi(15)/%ansi(9)%2%repeat(" ",11-%eval(%len(%1)+%len(%2)))%ansi(12)Body%ansi(15): %ansi(9)%3%ansi(15)/%ansi(9)%4%repeat(" ",11-%eval(%len(%3)+%len(%4)))%ansi(12)Mind%ansi(15): %ansi(9)%5%ansi(15)/%ansi(9)%6%repeat(" ",10-%eval(%len(%5)+%len(%6)))%ansi(2)| |%repeat(" ",2)%if(%pos("h",@exits),%ansi(12)NW,%repeat(" ",2))%repeat(" ",2)%if(%pos("N",@exits),%ansi(9)|," ")%repeat(" ",2)%if(%pos("f",@exits),%ansi(12)NE,%repeat(" ",2))%repeat(" ",2)%ansi(2)| %cr*-------------------------------------------------------* |%repeat(" ",4)%if(%pos("h",@exits),%ansi(9)\," ") %if(%pos("N",@exits),%ansi(9)|," ") %if(%pos("f",@exits),%ansi(9)/," ")%repeat(" ",4)%ansi(2)|%cr|%ansi(12)ETL%ansi(15): %ansi(9)%7%repeat(" ",5-%len(%7))%ansi(12)Time%ansi(15): %ansi(9)%8 %ansi(12)Til Q%ansi(15): %ansi(9)%9 %ansi(12)On Q%ansi(15): %ansi(9)%10 %ansi(12)Q Points%ansi(15): %ansi(9)%11%ansi(2)%repeat(" ",13-%eval(%len(%11)+%len(%8)+%len(%9)+%len(%10)))| |%if(%pos("W",@exits),%ansi(15)~(%ansi(14)W%ansi(15)~)%ansi(9)--,%repeat(" ",5))%ansi(15)~[%ansi(12)O%ansi(15)~]%if(%pos("E",@exits),%ansi(9)--%ansi(15)~(%ansi(14)E%ansi(15)~),%repeat(" ",5))%ansi(2)|%cr*-------------------------------------------------------* |%repeat(" ",4)%if(%pos("j",@exits),%ansi(9)/," ") %if(%pos("S",@exits),%ansi(9)|," ") %if(%pos("g",@exits),%ansi(9)\," ")%repeat(" ",4)%ansi(2)|%cr|%ansi(12)Exits%ansi(15): %ansi(9)%12%repeat(" ",15-%len(%12))%ansi(12)Area%ansi(15): %ansi(9)%13 %ansi(2)%repeat(" ",26-%len(%13))| |%repeat(" ",2)%if(%pos("j",@exits),%ansi(12)SW,%repeat(" ",2))%repeat(" ",2)%if(%pos("S",@exits),%ansi(9)|," ")%repeat(" ",2)%if(%pos("g",@exits),%ansi(12)SE,%repeat(" ",2))%repeat(" ",2)%ansi(2)|%cr*-------------------------------------------------------* |%repeat(" ",6)%if(%pos("S",@exits),%ansi(9)|," ")%repeat(" ",6)%ansi(2)|%cr|%ansi(12)Enemy%ansi(15): %ansi(9)%14%repeat(" ",14-%len(%14)) %ansi(12)Me%ansi(15): %ansi(9)%15%repeat(" ",29-%len(%15))%ansi(2)| |%repeat(" ",5)%if(%pos("S",@exits),%ansi(15)~(%ansi(14)S%ansi(15)~),%repeat(" ",3)) %if(%pos("D",@exits),%ansi(15)|%ansi(14)D%ansi(15)|,%repeat(" ",3)) %ansi(2)|%cr*-------------------------------------------------------* *-------------*}}
#wait 1000
#say Prompt set up.
#wait 1000
#say Thank you for using Earl's Aarchon Prompt v1.5a

Just copy to a .txt file and import.

Edit: This is version 1.5a with a Compass that show's directions based on those visible in the prompt. It also is self contained meaning it sets the prompt for you, then installs all the necessary items. It has a prompt that pops up asking for current character level and will add to the lvl as your lvl increases. Future updates will include a way for the lvl to set itself back to 1 when you finish completing the remort chamber successfully. Other update ideas to come later, and I'll also accept some as well. Thanks again to MattLofton who gave me the idea needed to make the directions display properly.

Thanks to MattLofton for help making the recognition pattern for this. And thanks to the guy from the damage script for the idea about using the %repeat(" ",length-%len(variable)) to get the proper lengths so that it didn't change sizes depending on what's in the variables. I'm sure with a little alteration this could quite possibly work on any mud desired.
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PostPosted: Thu Feb 09, 2006 5:29 am   
Hey, is Aarchon still around? I can't find a current address for it.

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PostPosted: Fri May 12, 2006 7:19 pm   
The new address is port 7000.
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PostPosted: Sat May 13, 2006 5:18 am   
Awesome, thanks for the reply man.
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