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PostPosted: Fri May 10, 2002 9:16 pm   

Catch those tells

Remote Tell Catcher - Ok this will add a tell to a history that can be reviewed later. Great for those going AFK
and not wanting to miss that important call...Pals and Enemies are underlined

Trigger :

Pattern ^&%w{RTellName} {tells|asks} you(*): &%*{PrevRTell}


rtell_from_who = %additem(@RTellWho, @rtell_from_who)
#if (%ismember(@RTellWho,@pal_list) or %ismember(@RTellWho,@enemy_list)) {#cw underline}
rtell_in_times = %additem(%time("hh:mm:ss"),@rtell_in_times)
#PLA msg.wav
rtell_list_tells = %additem(@PrevRTell,@rtell_list_tells)

Class: rtell_list

Now, for those that get in multi line tells, this 2nd trigger looks at the next line to see if it is part of the
previous tell wrapped. I have mine set to do up to 5 lines, but this is for 3.

Trigger :

Pattern ^ &ExtendRTell


ExtendRTell = %trimleft(@ExtendRTell)
#if (%beings(%line2,@RTellWho tells you) or %beings(%line2, @RTellWho asks you)) {PrevRTell = %concat(@PrevRTell," ")
PrevRTell = %concat(@PrevRTell, @ExtendRTell)} {
#if (%beings(%line3, @RTellWho tells you) or %beings(%line3,@RTellWho asks you))) {
PrevRTell = %concat(@PrevRTell, " ")
PrevRTell = %concat(@PrevRTell,@ExtendRTell)}}

Class: rtell_list

Ok, these next two are Aliases

This alias will display all the tells to you that it has recieved (hopefully)

Pattern: tells
Commands :

count = %numitems(@rtell_from_who)
#if (@count < 1) {
#show %ansi(red) No Tells} {
#show %ansi(blue) =- Tell List -=
#loop @count { rtell_age = %eval((%time("nn") - %word(%item(@rtell_in_times,%{i}),2,":")) + 60*(%time("hh") -

%word(%item(@rtell_in_times, %{i})": "%item(@rtell_list_tells,%{i})}
#if (@rtell_age < 15) {rtell_time_color = "yellow"} { #if (@rtell_age > 60) {rtell_time_color = "green"} {
rtell_time_color = "blue"}}
#show %ansi(cyan)%{i} %ansi(white)~[%ansi(@rtell_time_color)%item(@rtell_in_times, %{i}) %ansi(cyan) (@rtell_age)~]

%item(@rtell_from_who,%{i})": "%item(@rtell_list_tells, %{i})} }

Class: rtell_list

This one gets really jazzy. It will allow you to do tells_clear to clear all of them, or
tells_clear 3 to take out the 3rd tell, or tells_clear Name to remove all the tells from one Person

Pattern: tells_clear or tells_clear x


#if (%1 = "") {rtell_from_who = ""
rtell_list_tells = ""
rtell_in_times = ""
#Echo Tells Cleared} {
#if (%isnumber(%1)) {
#if (%item(@rtell_from_who, %1)) {
rtell_from_who = %delitem(%item(@rtell_from_who, %1), @rtell_from_who)
rtell_list_tells = %delitem(%item(@rtell_list_tells, %1), @rtell_list_tells)
rtell_in_times = %delitem(%item(@rtell_in_times, %1), @rtell_in_times)
#Echo Tell number %1 cleared} {
#Echo No tell number %1}} {
count = %numitems(@rtell_from_who)
changed = 0
#loop @count {#if (%item(@rtell_from_who, %eval(%{i}-@changed)) = %1) {
rtell_from_who = %delitem(%1,@rtell_from_who)
rtell_list_tells = %delitem(%item(@rtell_list_tells, %eval(%{i}-@changed)), @rtell_list_tells)
rtell_in_times = %delitem(%item(@rtell_in_times, %eval(%{i}-@changed)), @rtell_in_times)
#add changed 1}}
#show @changed tells removed.}}

Class: rtell_list

I make no claim that this will work exactly as expected. Some messages may get folded, bent, spindeled and/or
multiated. Although it doesn't give me trouble (yet)
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