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PostPosted: Thu Jun 21, 2001 5:51 am   

Rainchild's AutoLooter (TM)
It's been a while since I've actually played a MUD... since before Zmud 6.xx came out (now I just develop them) so I'm not sure if these triggers will work unmodified in the new version... here's hoping

Automatically loots and skins your kills. Includes toggle to autojunk them after looting.

Autojunking does not function without autolooting. If autoloot is off it will be turned on when you enable autojunk. Will remember autojunk status so you don't have to turn it on every time you log on. Will warn you at login if autoloot/autojunk is on.

"autoloot" (to toggle looting on and off)
"autojunk" (to toggle junking on and off)


#ALIAS autoloot {#IF @autoloot="true" {#T- Autoloot;#VAR autoloot false;#EC >>> Autoloot Turned Off <<<;#IF @autojunk="true" {#EC >>> Note: Automatic Junking Forced Off <<<}} {#T+ Autoloot;#VAR autoloot true;#EC >>> Automatically Looting and Skinning Your Kills <<<;#IF @autojunk="true" {#EC >>> Note: Automatic Junking Is On <<<}}} {Toggles}

This first alias controls if autoloot is turned on or off. If you turn autoloot off, then autojunk will be turned off too.

#ALIAS autojunk {#IF @autojunk="true" {#VAR autojunk false;#EC >>> Autojunk Turned Off <<<;#IF @autoloot="true" {#EC >>> Note: Still Automatically Looting and Skinning Your Kills <<<}} {#T+ Autoloot;#VAR autojunk true;#VAR autoloot true;#EC >>> Automatically Looting, Skinning and Junking Your Kills <<<}} {Toggles}

The second alias turns on or off the autojunk feature, this makes you get a corpse then junk it so it's not lying around... personally I don't like that feature but others do, so...

#VAR autoloot {false} {} {Toggles}
#VAR autojunk {False} {} {Toggles}

The two variables that store the autolook/junk status (turned on or off).

#TRIGGER {^%s--~* Or enter the name of an already existing character. ~*--} {#IF @autoloot="true" {#T+ Autoloot;#IF @autojunk="true" {#EC >>> Note: Autolooting, Skinning and Junking is ON <<<} {#EC >>> Note: Autolooting and Skinning is ON <<< }} {#T- Autoloot}} {WarningsAutoloot} 517

This trigger should be turned on by default when connecting to a MUD... it triggers on a pattern that's in your login screen (change it), and warns you if auto-loot/junk is on.

#TRIGGER {%s(*) is DEAD!!$You receive %d experience points.} {get all from %lower(%replace(%1," ",".")).corpse;skin %lower(%replace(%1," ",".")).corpse;#IF @autojunk="true" {get %lower(%replace(%1," ",".")).corpse;junk %lower(%replace(%1," ",".")).corpse}} {Autoloot} 5

This trigger is the one which does the actual looting/junking. First off you need to make sure this one is NOT enabled when connecting to the MUD -- that's what the other trigger is for, turning this on or off depending on the last setting you had.

You will probably have to edit the pattern to your specific MUD, but the way I have this triggering is on the kill "(*) is dead" it gets the name of what was killed, but only skins it if you got XP from the kill... this prevents you from looting/skinning someone-elses kill, something all MUDders get annoyed at.

Please be curteous with the pattern you define!

Also note that the spaces are all replaced with dots to refine the corpse to the parser to (hopefully) get the right one (it alseo adds the word ".corpse" to prevent getting a living one)!

So, if "A cute brown rabbit is DEAD!!" it will send "get all cute.brown.rabbit.corpse".


As a side note, if you have two identical corpses in the room, you may have to manually skin/junk the second one. Also, if you 'are too busy fighting to skin xxx' you will have to manually do that too.

You, most likely, will have tweak the patterns/commands issued to get it working for your MUD, but the solid base is there... enjoy.

-- Rainchild

PS: No support will be given by e-mail, if you have a question post it here.
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