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PostPosted: Mon Aug 15, 2022 4:22 am   

Formatting the status window text...and everywhere else
is there a simple way to format content sent to a window? I have been making use of the vertical space of the Status Window...and ran out, so now I am trying to use the horizontal space and still keep everything consistently horizontally located.

For example I want to put my current hunger and thirst status side by side and keep the header stationary regardless of the length of text the variable contains.

hunger: @currentHungerState      thirst: @currentThirstState

unfortunately in it's current format the location of thirst varies based on the length of the value of @currentHungerState

the only example i have found that seems to solve this issue is below...and it works and I get the concept, but based on the amount of work each line would require I find myself asking the question, is there another/better way?

thank you for reading :)

the following code is from the following post:

<alias name="critshow" id="25977">
  <value>#pri {#say " ";#say " ";#say  %ansi( 7)CritCounter Status:  %if(%class(crittrigs),%ansi( 3)enabled,%ansi( 4)disabled)%ansi( 7).;#say " ";#say  %ansi( 6)Critical hits:;#say  %ansi( 8)"                            Overall                 Current Session";#say  %ansi( 8)" Type of hit         Number    %hit   %crit      Number    %hit   %crit";#say " ";#sayp  %ansi( 7)" Total Hits";#sayp  %ansi( 7)%repeat(" ", 16-%len(@critcount.hits))@critcount.hits;#say  %ansi( 7)%repeat(" ", 28-%len(@critsession.hits))@critsession.hits;#sayp  %ansi( 7)" Total Criticals";#sayp  %ansi( 7)%repeat(" ", 11-%len(@critcount.crits))@critcount.crits;#sayp  %ansi( 7)%repeat(" ", 7-%len(@critpercent(@critcount.crits)))@critpercent(@critcount.crits)"%";#sayp  %ansi( 7)%repeat(" ", 20-%len(@critsession.crits))@critsession.crits;#say  %ansi( 7)%repeat(" ", 7-%len(@scritpercent(@critsession.crits)))@scritpercent(@critsession.crits)"%";#say " ";critdisplay c Criticals;critdisplay cc Crushing;critdisplay oc Obliterating;critdisplay apc Annihilating;critdisplay wsc World-Shattering;#send " "}</value>
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PostPosted: Mon Aug 15, 2022 8:49 pm   
You would use the %format function

#HELP %format - to pull up the help file
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