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Regarding an IDE!!
o continue the discussion from the other thread regarding an IDE for Zeus.

Yes, an IDE is planned for Zeus. But I don't think this is needed in order to start selling Zeus initially. Right now, part of the power of Zeus, in my opinion, is the ability to just open a ZML file in Notepad, make a change, and then just run it. Any IDE for Zeus will need to be very lean and fast. If it takes as long to run the IDE for Zeus as it does to start up Visual Basic, then I've lost a big advantage of Zeus.

In any case, an IDE is a lot of work and really an additional project. I think just documenting Zeus fully and releasing the intial core interpreter will get things started, especially if I advertise that there are plans for an IDE in the future. But I don't think I'll be holding up eMobius for this.

Doing a very basic IDE that acts as an XML editor with knowledge of the classes and properties might not be hard and I'll consider that. But once you start down the path of an IDE, then people are going to want to position controls visually rather than via XML, just like you do in Delphi. And that kind of advanced visual IDE could take a while to code.
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We recommend IntelliJ IDEA, which you can download for macOS, Windows, or Linux. You should download and install Java to your computer before using an IDE. Here are two videos that walk through how to set up an IDE and run Java code.
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