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Continuing work on Domains
For those interested in what I've been up to lately with respect to the Realms mudlib development, I've been continuing my work on player domains. The video I've attached shows the progression through selecting a building design, building materials, and workers for the construction of a section of a castle - in this case, the central keep. Note in particular that your choices with affect the military units and henchmen that can be housed in a domain, the strength and other benefits for the constructed section, and so on.

For those unfamiliar with my previous work, players can have holdings (castles, surrounding villages, expanding to counties, duchies, kingdoms, empires, etc) and be a part of greater holdings (For example: given a county by an NPC king), can wage war to enlarge their holdings, build, and so on. In short, it's kinda like MUD meets the Total War franchise meets Civ meets Crusader Kings.
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