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PostPosted: Thu May 23, 2013 12:08 am   

cMud not starting
I have cMud2 and I am unable to open the program. Below are some details about my computer and more specific information on what is going on:

I click on cMud exe icon and nothing happens other than a working icon which quickly goes away.
I had been waiting on license key code recovery and cMud worked fine on trial.
Went to enter in key code, received message that name and code did not match.
Uninstalled cMud, cleaned registry, and restarted pc.
Downloaded and reinstalled correct version of cMud.
Now unable to start cMud at all.
Also having this problem with zMud which I also own.

Computer specs:
HP Pavilion g6 series
OS: Windows 7
AMD processor
Antivirus: Norton

Please respond with any further ideas on how to correct this problem.

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PostPosted: Thu May 23, 2013 9:07 pm   
Check very carefully to make sure you bought the license for the correct version. A v2 key will not work for CMud v3, and likewise a v3 key will not work for CMud v2. Additionally, CMud keys don't work for ZMud and vice versa.
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PostPosted: Fri May 24, 2013 1:38 am   
Thanks Matt! We already checked key vs version. I think something happened when she cleaned and uninstalled, but it's beyond me and Zugg is on travel. Any suggestions?
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PostPosted: Fri May 24, 2013 11:52 pm   
Well, something quick and simple to check is the Windows Task Manager Processes list. Each program can maintain as many processes as it wants, and while I dunno the technicals on ZMud for CMud there should be two processes named CMud.exe (or CMudpro.exe, if you bought the Pro version.) Sometimes CMud for whatever reason just doesn't end itself properly and the small security-wrapper process stays in memory. I've seen it happen where this orphan process prevents CMud from opening, so if you see just this small process in the list you should be able to safely end that process.

If nothing CMud-related is in the Processes list, the next most-obvious thing to check on would be security-software conflicts. The way to do that is to turn off your AV software and then try running CMud. If this works, then your AV thinks the Armadillo wrapper is some sort of malware and is killing the process (ergo, CMud won't load). There should be some sort of way to add CMud to a whitelist, but if not then you'll just have to uninstall it and try a different one. Examples of AV software that have been (but aren't necessarily still) known to conflict with CMud are Kapersky and Norton. Most AV authors are on top of their game and will quickly identify and update their product to work properly with CMud's security scheme.

As an extension to the AV thing, there are also some non-security-related software that can interfere with CMud. The reason this happens tends towards another app using something CMud needs, which is sort of analogous to trying to insert a second plug into the same wall socket. The only one still lingering in my mind is Notepad++, but I don't think we're maintaining any special list given how individualized the conflicts typically are. Additionally, the conflict may only happen in a certain order (ie, CMud first then the problem software, or the problem software followed by CMud).

Another thing that can happen is the registry could have been damaged, or just that the entries used by CMud got messed up or orphaned. You will probably need to uninstall CMud, restart the computer, edit the registry, and then restart the computer again (the restarts probably aren't strictly necessary, but it helps ensure leftover stuff doesn't survive on accident). NEVER delete or change anything in the registry if you aren't 100% sure what it's for since you could mess up something else or even make your computer unuseable.

Beyond that, the issue isn't with the cmud install but the datafiles. This can be fixed quickly with a simple uninstall, followed up by a deletion of the My Games/CMud folder and the install folder for CMud.
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