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  Topic: Mapper Question

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PostForum: zMUD General Discussion   Posted: Sat Oct 02, 2004 3:03 pm   Subject: Mapper Question
We kind of need a bit more information. How does it get it wrong? Can you show a screenshoot of how the path looks?
  Topic: Auto-mapper "always on top" bug.

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PostForum: zMUD General Discussion   Posted: Tue Sep 28, 2004 1:37 pm   Subject: Auto-mapper "always on top" bug.
This might be a 'windows' problem. But it doesn't seem like it at all.

Here is what I experience:
I use two monitors - though, the same would happen when I used one - I have my main zmud window on ...
  Topic: How to name doors?

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PostForum: zMUD General Discussion   Posted: Sun Aug 29, 2004 12:51 pm   Subject: How to name doors?
Try looking under Config->Configuration Settings...->Strings and Doors
For me it looks like this: open %2 %1 - which will send open hedge north
  Topic: Sending a hidden command to the mud

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PostForum: zMUD General Discussion   Posted: Fri Jul 23, 2004 9:55 am   Subject: Sending a hidden command to the mud
Do this: #SEND {drink health}
  Topic: wierd error I have never seen

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PostForum: zMUD General Discussion   Posted: Thu Dec 11, 2003 9:57 am   Subject: wierd error I have never seen
Read the elicense FAQ
  Topic: windows not locking together

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PostForum: zMUD General Discussion   Posted: Wed Nov 26, 2003 7:14 pm   Subject: windows not locking together

If you mean the command line and the output window, then you can reattached the command line to the window by right clicking in the output window, choose "Windows Options" and click "Attach Com ...
  Topic: Window docking

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PostForum: zMUD General Discussion   Posted: Wed Nov 26, 2003 7:04 pm   Subject: Window docking

It should be possible. One way to do it is first set up Win1 and the main so they are splitted up. Then you 'tab' Map into Win 1. After that it should possible to move the tabbed Map to the r ...
  Topic: 2 Newbie Questions

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PostForum: zMUD General Discussion   Posted: Thu Jan 10, 2002 2:39 pm   Subject: 2 Newbie Questions

1) You can change the font in
and the colors in

2) This can't be answered with the info you ha ...
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